The power of the will

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  1. The power of the will

    When you think of power, what do you think of ?

    The latest, fastest car with the most powerful engine?
    The jet streaking across the sky?

    The rocket racing for the moon?
    The spaceship exploring the unknown?

    Atomic power with unlimited potential?
    Or the bomb - capable of destroying the world?

    Man is more powerful than all his tools!

    Man made the car, the jet, the rocket,
    the robot, and the bomb.

    Man operates every machine he has created.
    Man pushes the buttons.

    Without man no rocket will ever be launched.
    Without man no war can begin.

    Man wills to destroy himself or save himself.

    It is all a matter of will.

    He can choose his destiny, his eternal destiny.

    He puts himself into his own hands.
    Or the Devils
    Or God's.

    He is given this freedom.
    He is capable of choosing salvation or damnation.

    Even so, it is impossible for man to save himself.
    That is God's prerogative.

    And since we would only bungle it.
    God wants to set man free.

    He offers us a new beginning.
    He announces pardon.

    God loves us and has given himself for us.
    This alone is our salvation.

    Like men rescued from certain death, put
    yourselves in God's hands as weapons of
    good for His own purposes. For sin is not
    mean't to be your master -- you are no
    longer living under the law, but under grace.

    Destruction is not meant to be.
    Yours is the power of choice.

    Your will is the most powerful instrument you

    May God bless all in his will and purpose always in Jesus name Amen
  2. If man is more powerful than all things he has created,
    how much more powerful yet is our Creator?

    Salvation is the reward of faith; faith is a gift from God,
    Which He will give you if ask and respect His law.
  3. :amen:...may our wills YIELD to HIS DIVINE WILL in Jesus' Name...amen.


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