The Power Of Prayer

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  1. The Power Of Prayer

    Some of you might think this silly but that's ok cause every one is entitled to his or her opinion.

    Last night and today my computer was doing really crazy things . It was like my keyboard was spooked ... It would not put all the letters in and the caps keep locking and I had not pressed the cap button and the letters keep going like this rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I had only presssed them once .

    Well I took this matter to the Lord in prayer and commanded satan to get off my computer in the name of Jesus and guess what everything is fine . I believed and did not doubt .

    Praise the Lord. My God is real and He hears and answers prayer.
  2. =) praise the Lord!
  3. Oh yeah, love things like this.
    I know what you mean "Some of you might think this silly"
    It truly is powerful, I really dont think any of us understand the true power of prayer.
  4. Well , I praise my Jesus as I live alone , am a senior , and He provides , protects and fixes stuff around my house . He asks us to believe and that's what I do . No big deal . God is my Strong tower. I love Him .

    I say to Him : Jesus this is your house , this is your car , so You deal with it ... LOL . He owns it all anyways.,
  5. Yes and its very powerful when you can do that..
    I "try" to do the same and have seen the results from it.
    I know exactly what you mean.

    The bible says that we should ask and we will receive; so I do somewhat expect that Jesus will work.
    I just expect that he will do it his way and I also take in to account freewill and things like that, freewill is the biggest prayer stopper in the entire world. LOL.

    I think its a faith thing "Jesus will help, I know it!"
  6. Its not silly, but God's care for us that He sometimes 'fixes' things in our house :)
  7. I definately know it is not silly but there are those who do think that way .
  8. Oh and by the way .... Psalm91 can vouch about all my keyboard disruption .
  9. yEs heeee C n...,,'/!.,.,.,lol

  10. lol
  11. Thaet's tuh phuneeee Psalm91 .
  12. If they'd have faith to believe Him to do miraculous things for them instead of doubt, they'd see it's true :) God is no respector of persons. We build our faith by feeding on the Word of God
  13. Amen and a double amen to that my dear. The only way is to feed on the Word . The Word is alive and becomes more alive as we read. The Bible is the only book tha thas stood the test of time and that is because Jesus is the King of Kings and my God is real .
  14. I jest taught she HaD bad D
  15. You guys are too much ... LOL

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