The Power of Perseverance

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I thought I would share my latest blog post. I have been forgetting to post them on here.

    I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the topic.

    God bless,


    The Power of Perseverance

    One of the things I would like to deny about myself (but can’t) is that I have a tendency to bail on things.

    When someone raises their voice to me, I’m ready to walk away.

    When my life becomes what I feel I didn’t sign up for, I start seeing greener grass.

    Whenever I’m in a funk, I start to consider other options.

    Every time I’m in a rut, I seek my escape.

    Basically, I have a tendency to want to do away with what no longer feels natural or easy to me.

    Honestly, I didn’t even realize I was like this until about 2 years ago. I had just left my most recent job because I no longer liked being there. In fact, I had really grown to dislike it – a lot.

    A few months after having left the position, I made a connection.

    With the exception of being fired from a job I had many years ago (a weird story for another article), I have walked away from every job I’ve ever had.

    I simply decided I had had enough, and left. Just like that.

    I wasn’t a jerk about it. I gave two weeks notice, and in two cases, six weeks notice. But regardless, I decided it was time to bail.

    Until making this connection, I had always wondered why other people stayed with things for so long.

    And after making this connection, I started to see it as a lack of perseverance on my part. And then I started to see it in other areas of my life too. Relationships, exercise, diets, writing the novel I always said I was going to write…the list goes on and on. I have even considered abandoning this blog many times.

    But wait.

    After making this connection, I made another.

    With all this walking away from things, there has been one thing I have stayed consistent with, and have not abandoned – my faith and my relationship with God.

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  2. I would think you cannot "overcome" without persevering. The question becomes: are you persevering for the right things? Part of my perennially said prayers is: "I pray in a strong, persistent voice, with the hope of the help of the Holy Spirit thru Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Yeshua; my passion, my heart, my love and life for you..."
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  3. Wow that sounds kinda like me. Maybe its because when you put your faith in God, all other things pale in comparison to the eternal reward.

    This is very different from popular christian teaching that tries to apply this spiritual principal to the natural world over things that are actually not worth pursuing and are futile, things satan has dangled in front of us. Like...the kingdoms of this world, career success, achievement.

    This is what your post made me think about. I guess it means God wants you in His will. If you not doing the things God wants you do in your life, it will be an uphill battle. Made even harder cos you going in the wrong direction. You could opt, like many, for the easy life. But what looks like the easy life to some actually is not. Then it becomes a downward spiral!

    Jesus way is definately not the shortcut, but it is the best, most excellent way.
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  4. Hi Alan,
    Wow it's been awhile sinse I saw something from you in here. Hope things are going well.

    Now then it seems you have made the first step in overcoming this lack of perseverance by seeing it and admitting it. Now make a choice to get past it and learn to persevere. This is a big part of FAITH BROTHER.... Staying the same constantly and consistently never allowing your Faith to be altered by the situation. When you walk in faith such as this you never have to hunt for your faith or rtather change a thing for your faith is always the same constantly and consistently the same daay in and day out.

    Now something else I have learned.........the grass is only greener on the other side until you get there. What ever was going on or drove you to what lookes like greener pastures, will simply be brough with you. You will take what ever it is with you.
    Now that took more years then I want to amit to learn this one. But I did learn it thought. lol

    Any way thank you for sharing and hey you did ask for our thoughts. lol
    Blessings my friend
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  5. Jim, that is so true. And something that has taken me a while to learn too.

    Hope you're doing well too. Thanks for the response back!


  6. I have been prone to do the same thing throughout my life, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I learned I was walking away because I was afraid. It was a fear that I had never even realized I had, but, in hindsight, I could see how much it had affected my life. In my case it was fear of attention. Every time I was getting to a place where I was in the spotlight, I always found a reason to be elsewhere or a way to redirect attention elsewhere.
    I always followed Him and actively sought out His will, but that fear is inherent to me and I will always live with it to some degree.
    Once I realized it was there and that fear feeds on itself I gave it over to God. Staying put became easier. Sometimes I have to give it to Him moment by moment as a fresh wave hits me.
    He is in control and I trust Him to use me for His glory.
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  7. I have found it best to run to something rather than running away from something. That said, I stayed in my last job until physical/psychological/emotional conditions forced me out. So while perserverence in most cases I found to be good. My last work experience in perserverence almost killed me. I still think it best to wait upon the Lord before making a move away from something.
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  8. For me, I believe that I owe it to God to be faithful. He was faithful to me so many times, even when I blatantly disobeyed Him. I could not reject God even if I wanted to. Another thing is that it is extremely hard to turn away from God permanently when you see His miracles in your life. The small things get me the most. It feels like God is there for us always, which He said He was. My desire is to be closer to God, because I am certain that He is there, even though I cannot feel His presence all the time.
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