The Power of God!!

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  1. The Power of God!!

    · He can make a dead rod bud.
    · He can part the waters at the Red Sea.
    · He can sweeten the waters at Marah.
    · He can trouble the waters at Siloam and heal people.
    · He can make an axe head float.
    · He can overcome sin with a great flood. (He can bury my sin in baptism.)
    · He can set a bush on fire and it not be consumed.
    · He can make a rod turn into a serpent and back again.
    · He can create bedlam in the house of the captors with a few plagues.
    · He can bring water out of a rock.
    · He can give bread to me in a dry place.
    · He can restore my soul.
    · He can start a fire on a mountain called Carmel.
    · He can make a donkey talk.
    · He can translate Enoch and Elijah.
    · He can give a double portion of the Spirit.
    · He can take a farmer named Gideon and wipe out the Midianites.
    · He can knock down the walls at Jericho.
    · He can make the sun stand still until the battle is won.
    · He can wipe out the Philistines with a jawbone and bring water out of the that same jawbone.
    · He can feed a man with the ravens or with an empty barrel.
    · He can cleans the leprosy of Namaan.
    · He can deliver three men in a furnace.
    · He can create life in a dead man when his body lands on the bones of a dead prophet.
    · He can turn water into wine.
    · He can walk on water.
    · He can calm the storms of life.
    · He can straighten a withered hand.
    · He can cast demons out of a madman.
    · He can fill empty nets with fish.
    · He can cleanse a leper and open a dead man's eyes.
    · He can feed a multitude with some bread and fish.
    · He can raise a widow's son, Jarius' daughter, and set Lazarus free.
    · He can heal a woman with an issue of blood.
    · He can put a coin in the mouth of the fish.
    · He can reattach a severed ear.
    · He can love His enemies.
    · He can go to a Cross, but the nails could not hold Him.
    · He can go to a Grave, but the stone would not hold Him.
    · He is capable of building a heaven for losers.
    · He can deliver. . . . . .
    · He can save. . . . .
    · He can overcome. . .
    · He can provide. . .
    · He can meet the need. . .

    42:2 I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be
    withholden from thee.
  2. My God can do anything.
  3. For with God nothing shall be impossible.

  4. Amen!! Thats my King!!
  5. Glory to God.

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