The Place of Man

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  1. How does God use man? Well, the mission is to tell others that a Revelation of Jesus Christ exists, Gal. 1:10-12.
    Those that have had a revelation will speak it.
    The mission of preachers and teachers that have had a revelation of Jesus Christ is to tell others they are not complete (soulishly) until they have had a revelation of Christ as their only life, Gal. 2:20.

    God reveals Christ in you to you in His time, Gal. 4:1-2.
    I cannot give the revelation, I cannot bring the revelation, but I can and must tell believers, we can search the scriptures to see Christ as their only life.
    We know religion cannot preach anything they don't possess, and will in time hinder your spiritual growth.
  2. A man may see the truth ,
    A man can hear the truth.
    A man can meditate or think on the truth.
    A man can speak the truth.
    A Man can know the truth.
    The truth can be in him.
    He can walk in the truth .
    He can even do the truth .
    But no man born of Adam can say "I am the truth"
    A man born of the incorruptable seed which is the Word of God cannot either .
    But he can be as the moon as the church is to be that in the darkest night when it still shines it bares witness to the truth ,that the sun still shines and there is coming a perfect day .
    Good news for those who seek the light and or love the light .
    Bad news for those who love darkness more than the light .

    "Ye shall be my witnesses "said the Lord after that the Holy Spirit has come .
    For though the body is dead because of sin ,if the same Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead ,dwell in you ,He shall quicken your mortal bodies.
    Paul prayed for christians as recorded in Ephesians that the eyes of our understanding may be opened that ye might see and comprhend what is the exceeding greatness of his power that is towards us who believe.........

    A true BORN child of God will and progressively so; bare witness to the death and the ressurection of Jesus Christ and the revelation or rather manifestation of the power of God through Jesus Christ and faith in changing hell deserving sinners into holy men of God living in a sinful world .

    in Christ
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  3. God uses man in a number of ways. First it's just as you say. Secondly God uses the unsaved to bring about His eternal glory by fulfilling His Sovereign will. His Word declares what the end of the wicked will be (if you believe in eternal punishment or annihilation it doesn't matter here) and they unconsciously bring Him glory (not pleasure, for God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked) by fulfilling it.
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  4. Question: The place of man?

    Your responses have considered the 'place' of regenerate man, not mankind outside of Christ. The believer is identified with Christ. He is our life.

    Praise God!
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  7. Hello @Seedsower,

    Would you please tell me why you object to me saying that the believer is identified with Christ? That He is our life?
    What is it about what I have said that you object to? Or is it, once again, that I have used words which have been misunderstood? What is it that you believe I have said, that is objectionable? :(

    In Christ Jesus
  8. What about showing the Love of God to a lost people?

    What about being the Love of God to people.
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  9. Everyone - please take a deep breath, have a coffee, nibble on a biscuit and come back.

    We are approaching violation of rule:

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  11. What about just living our lives as Christians!!!
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  12. They kind of very much go hand in hand! :)
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