The People Of The Prince To Come

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  1. Daniel 9:26 seems to suggest that the Antichrist will come from Italy (Rome, to be more specific), but Joel Richardson argues that most of the legionnaires that destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. were actually Arabs from Syria and other neighboring nations. This means that the Antichrist and his people will be Arabs and not Italians. The article can be found here

    What do you think about it? It seems pretty convincing to me.
  2. I don't see this as proof to nothing. Rome commanded the legions. Roman commanders were in charge of the legions. It is like in the civil war there were black soldiers and all black units. They fought for the United States. So just because Rome had multi national soldiers doesn't prove this is what that passage states.
  3. I believe that the fact that the Legions were overwhelmingly Arab is extremely relevant. If you look at the apocalyptic prophecies, all of the nations that will fight against Israel in the latter days are Muslim nations. We are already seeing it right now. It all makes sense. By the way, Magog is a place in Turkey. Turkey is supposed to be the place in which the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah, will be born.
  4. Anything Joel Richardson says I give a salute to. I happen to believe the Antichrist will be of Arabic lineage, also, being that this leader will command the eradication of Jews.
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