The Passion of the Christ

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  1. The Passion of the Christ

    My husband and I watched this movie this morning for the very first time.

    I was so moved that I cried practically throughout the whole movie.

    The words "by his stripes we are healed" have taken on a whole "real" meaning for me.

    I feel ashamed for the things I have complained about, when there is not even a remote comparison as to what my Lord and Savior endured for me.

    I love you Father. I thank you Father. I worship you Father. I am sorry for every time that I have disappointed you Father and will do my very best, to live my life as You lived Yours.

    I will never forget what You did Father so that I may be saved and have eternal life.

    Thank you so much Lord Jesus. There are no words to tell You how much I appreciate what You went through for me and how much I love You for it.

    Since there are no words to tell You Lord, I am making it my vow to show you through my actions and service to You Lord.

    I love you Jesus, with every fiber of my being.

  2. Yes, I cried and cried at the beating scene. I couldn't even watch that whole scene. I left until it was over. It was too disturbing to me.
  3. I know I have said this before but it still holds true. I saw the movie at the theater and bought the DVD when it first came out- it is still in it's wrapper.
    A great movie, very well done but just so hard for me to watch.
  4. Hey , I did the same thing my son and each Easter , I say I am going to unwrap it and then cannot bring myself to do it . It was so profound in the threater on the big screen that it certainly left an ever lasting impression on my heart. And yes I had to turn away so many times in the movie . I could not watch it .
  5. I saw the movie at the theater (twice).

    The first time was because I wanted to.

    The second time was because I wanted to be able to watch without having to read the subtitles.

    The main thing I took away from that movie was at the point of Him getting beat.
    I kept hearing them hit Him and hit Him and hit Him and on and on.
    Well, I finally said to myself, "Okay, okay, okay. Stop hitting Him!"
    Then, I had this thought. "Wow. That's what I do to Him with each sin I
    commit; whether knowingly or unknowingly. Each sin hits Him again and again."
    Not for some big sermon. Just one my lessons and convictions.

    Greate movie, but I, like many others, just can't bring myself to watch it again.
  6. Great movie, I watched it twice. First time was on my own and I cried buckets, second time was with someone and I still cried buckets. I don't think I could endure a third time.

    The thing is that even although the film shows some of what He went through, I'm not sure anything could actually potray the true extent of suffering He went through for us. I am very thankful and cannot praise Him enough for saving the us. I don't think however my praise and thanks could ever fully do Him justice.
  7. Amen to that!

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