The Parable of the arrogant man and the three attackers

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  1. An arrogant man was entering a town, thinking that nothing could go wrong. He was very confident in his abilities, so he went into the town without any protection, even though he knew something was very dangerous about the town.
    As he entered, he was mugged by one man. Thinking that he could still go on, he went ahead some more.
    As he entered deeper inside the town, he was mugged by another man, but greater than the last.
    I am still alive, the man thought, so he went on. And as he reached the center of the town, the third man killed him.

    This parable describes sexual sin, particularly on the internet. You start out with no real intention of falling into sin, but you know that what you are doing is wrong. Then you get deeper into it still confident that you won't sin (though you have sinned already at this point, most likely). And then the body takes over and you fall into that sin that you so thought you were not going to fall into. I know this scenario all too well.

    The best thing to do is to stop at the beginning. It is hard to stop in the middle, and certainly hard to stop at the end.
  2. Um, call a fast, keep away from the computer, and then install a thing that eats porn and destroys it the minute before it even gets to your screen.

    Im sure there are proverbs about this that warn, you will get burnd if you place your hand in the fire.
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  3. Brother Juk,
    Actually it would be better to not even start then there is No beginning to get to the middle of that leads you to the ending.
    Believe me it is the only answer or cure !!
  4. I agree. But from my experience, that is how the process goes.
  5. Yea I kind of figured that because that is the way it works with every one at one time or another but then we must learn to remove the beginning so there is nothing else left to deal with. It takes time and effort but we all get there.
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  6. It feels better when we succeed too.
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  7. Thats a very good point Brother . I have found that when we walk in LOVE with some one who is being rude it simply makes you feel free and so peaceful inside and for that fact when we choose to do it His way in anything it always seems to bring this wonderful peace that just cannot be explained other then It's God !!
    Blessings my friend
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  8. I found that it also feels good to hear others tell lies when you know the truth. But it is also very saddening.
  9. Juk, it is a wise warning. The ending is certainly death. So many lives have been destroyed because of lust - no matter what it is that you are lusting for. People murder in the name of lust, leave their marriages and families, turn away from God. It can all start from visiting that one site that you know you shouldn't have. That's all it takes for our enemy to sink his fangs into us. Recovering from sexual sin and addiction can be harder then breaking free from drug use. It may be difficult, but one can remove themselves from the drugs and the people that push them. Once the illicit sexual thoughts have been planted in your head though, those images remain - you can't unsee what you have seen. And Satan will use those images to lure you back time and time again. Like Lanolin said, don't even let it get to your screen. It's evilness cannot be stated enough.
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  10. I know that for sure.

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