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  1. Hello, everybody! I've been lurking for a long time, but finally decided to dive into the forums. I'm an old grandpa who never totally grew up. Christ is first in my life but I have to admit there were times in the past that I didn't live as if that were so. God has allowed events in my life to slow me down in order to help me rearrange my priorities. After moving ranges of mountains for me, He required me to climb one mountain known as ms. It's a difficult climb but by all appearances I have reached the peak, and have discovered the ability to do things I never dreamed of when I was healthy. Who would have thought I would be able to teach myself html, and learn how to design webpages? I'm currently working on a couple of webcomics which are done from a Christian perspective. I guess they are technically Christian comics, but it's not like the reader gets beat over the head with a Bible. They are simply a fresh new way to present Scriptural truths. To be honest, where they go from here, I'm not sure. I just want my work to Glorify God.

    I've tried to make my site a safe haven in the darkness of the internet, for Christians who like comics and don't want to have to overlook material which clashes with their Faith. I guess that's the main reason I'm here. I also need a safe haven where I can find friends who understand the commitment of a follower of Christ.

    Who knows... maybe we can help each other...
  2. Hi RG Its wonderful to have you with us - I know you will enjoy the forum, everyone here is so warm and friendly :)
  3. You're very welcome here! :)

    Welcome to CFS!
  4. Thanks so much! :D
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  6. I see you have a bit of work to do on your web site. But it is lookin pretty good sir. let God guide your hands/mouse. I like it so far :)

    Chili out.
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  7. Thanks Chili! I'd appreciate any suggestions you have for my web site!
  8. Hi RG, looks like you put a lot of effort into the site. It's nice. :)
    Feel free to post your site in the Site Showcase area.
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  9. Thanks, Jeff! I'll be sure to look into that. Hey, I just realized that my Christian comics which the banners in my signature link to, do have a donation button on one of the pages. It's not prominent however, and not the main purpose of my site. Is it okay to leave the banners in my signature, or would you prefer I remove them? I'll understand if you don't want them. :)
  10. It's okay RG. No problems.
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  11. Same here RG my brother from another mother ")
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  12. HI RG, Welcome to CFS. Your sites look like fun.


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  13. Thanks so much, for all the welcomes, everybody! :cool:
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  15. Hey! Thanks for the links! I'll check them out!
  16. Hey RGS :)
    Haven't properly introduced myself! Been pretty busy (I'm attending a Bible College so am not able to sign on too often!)
    My name's Katie :)
    I'm so glad you are here!
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  17. Hi, RGSpiritwalker! I'm new here, too, and just wanted to say hello! I hope to see some of your comics, and find out how to share some of them with others! Have a great day!
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