The nice thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by pattycake, May 31, 2008.

  1. The nice thread

    :)How about a nice thread-say something nice about the previous poster or share some happy news!~!
  2. Hi PattyCake; thanks for the "NICE" thread.:p

    Happy news?
    :jesus-sign:Jesus is Lord, :bow::jesus-cross:
    :preach:He is coming again :read-bible:
    and no matter what :pray::medieval:
    :heart:I am waiting for him!:amen:

  3. The nice thread


  4. May the kingdom of God come in Jesus name
    Have a nice day everyone
  5. Patty cake, I really like pattycakes - yummy!
  6. Do-you mean peanut pattys-a kinda red- peanut candy?-I love them -too!!~!-Wellr-my name is Patricia -everyones calls me Patty-so Pattycake seemed the obvious username to choose:)
  7. ...Or do you mean some other dessert?
  8. We used to say pattycake , pattycake baker's man bake a cake as fast as you can. ( Going back to my second childhood.... He he :D:D )
  9. Yes-we now play that with the grandbabies!!!~!:)
  10. You are all jewels. You are all so beautiful.

    God is good!

    Who likes my new avatar? :D
  11. I like your new avatar- Mark!!~!-My something NICE is it is a beautiful Monday Oklahoma morning and the birdies are singing and the flowers in my Garden smell so sweet!!~!-And that-God made all this just for me and you!!~!:)
  12. :DOkay-anymore nice things to talk about?
    How about God loved us so much that
    He gave us His only son-whosoever believeth in Him shall have life everlasting!!~!:)
  13. OH! I have some nice things! The wind is not blowing now, like it was last night! And the fire we had last night was easily contained, in spite of the 50 mph wind! Hallelujah!
    God answers prayers in amazing ways, doesnt He?
    I like the way Pattycake is so positive and encouraging, too! Thank you, Patty!
  14. Yes-that is me-I have a blog about positivity-wher do I post it?:D
  15. :)Okay -I found my blog page-I have to write down my blog-and then rewrite it here!!!~:D

  16. Well I tried to post my blog on my blog page and the comp erased it when I clicked for it to send it!!~!-Noooooooooooo.......
  17. :)-So-I'm going to bed and getting this thang fixed-in the morning!!~!:D
  18. Oh, but I am 'positive' that Patty will get her computer straightened out tomorrow! :D And when you do, can you help me with mine?:D:confused::D
  19. My children are runners, all.
  20. Do you mean like track? That is cool! They must be in great shape! sigh. One day, I will be,too!
    Hey! That's my positive thing for today! I am getting into shape!

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