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  1. As I am writing this I have just concluded a conversation outloud with myself trying to decipher the soundness of the existence of the biblical God.
    What I mean is, I question that what Christian's think of God, Muslim's think of God, etc.. is not actually the entity that created the universe, and instead a construct to rather help us understand ourselves and our (humanity's) place in the world; to bring some sense to it all.
    With that said, having read through the bible a few times throughout my life, I always seem to get stuck on various parts that seem to describe the biblical God with such clarity and surety that, suffice to say, it must be true.
    However, I always attempt to see the world through as logical and proof-driven a means as possible, the possibility of seemingly knowing for certain the qualities of the biblical God seems to be lacking in validity.
    How is it that Christian's, or rather almost any religion that purports to know the nature of God, seem to have such an intimate knowledge of the nature of the biblical God, such that they can then make so many of the assertions that appear in the Bible - creation, the Trinity, Jesus, the Old Testament/New Testament dichotomy, etc..?
    I'm honestly just trying to see what so many people seem to already see, and to know for certain, with logical consistency, the nature of God, so that from there I can start to tackle the nature of the world in relation.
    Thanks a bunch.
  2. Suggest to read a book by Scott Peck, the “Road Less Travelled”, he seems to use Logic and Psychology and arrived at that Christians values are most rational, logically consistent….
  3. Ok. Well i will tell you what I know...rather than what othas have written (although you might want to check out some books like Lee strobels case for a creator, or any by ravi zacharias for apologetics..

    The nature of God is shown in the Bible by his relationship with his chosen the old testament, it was the israelites descended from Abraham, although of course there were people before that. Reading all the chronicles and kings you can see the history of that nation and how God wanted them holy and to follow him so they could reflect His glory. many times they miserably failed, but each time, God sent prophets to speak to them and buck them up and encoruage them to keep shining their lights. This continued right down to the birth of Jesus, who was born supernaturally of a virgin, named Mary eg Jospeh wasnt his biological father. This was Gods only begotten son!

    This is because the jewish people needed a Messiah, a savior, a real King. The previous ones did evil or were killed and ent and followed other Gods, which God did not want them to do. By doing that they led the whole nation astray. So Gods kingdom and promised land which was to the israelites was defiled.

    I will continue later if you still want me to...
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  4. Just to add if you go to the land of israel today all the places named in the bible are there if you want proof im not making this up.
  5. Greetings Joshua,
    This is to easy to answer -
    Once a person finds the Real God the great I am - then one can build a relationship with Him as thee almighty God and creator and Heavenly Father and Son Jesus our Lord and so forth.
    None of the other so called Gods can do this -

    See for thy true God the Chrtistian God actually speaks and moves and honors His words.
    Can any other God makes such a boast as this ? Nah !!
    The Christian God ( I only call Him the Christian God so as for it to fit weith the OP )
    This is how we can find the true nature of God - God Is LOVE
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  6. Hi Josh

    1. Lets not confuse God's for a second. Lets just use a little brain matter to grasp the dead obvious reality of their a. being a Creator and b. a good one at that.

    2. The burden of evidence for us following Jesus is on us and...God.

    God knows this, this is why He is proactive in revealing Jesus as Lord to us ....when....we come to Him on His terms. Matt 16:16-17 and 1 Cor 12:3 happens after James 4:8. James 4:8 takes place when we Hate what is evil and cling to what is good, this is genuine love Rom 12:9 that leads to repentance Psalm 51:17.

    As for us John 13:34-35 A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

    IE: If we love one another like God loved us, others will know we are God's disciples. Not ''assume'', not ''luckily guess''...they will '''know'''.

    So, the million dollar has God loved us?

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