The Nativity Story - Movie opens today

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  1. The Nativity Story - Movie opens today

    The Nativity Story

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    The Nativity Story chronicles journey of Mary and Joseph's to Bethlehem, , King Herod's order to slay the first-born over his paranoia about prophecies of a new king, the angel Gabriel's appearance to shepherds in the field, the trek of the Three Magi from the East.

    Trivia: This was the first feature film ever to premiere at the Vatican

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  2. I wanted to see this movie, but haven't had a chance yet. But I heard that they took a LOT of liberties (read: artistic license) with the story. Anyone see it that can confirm any important departures from the Bible?
  3. I have not seen it either, but I will be going next weekend. I have talked to two different people that have seen it and both were very pleased. I had seen an interview of I think the producer or director a couple weeks back and he had said that they used Jewish, Protestant and Catholic consultants for the film, so it is suppose to be pretty accurate, but of course their has to be some "artistic License" in order to make it flow.

    Will give my opinion after I see it as well.
  4. I liked this movie. ^__^ The whole star effect towards the end was nice. It was weird at some points because some of it seemed to be a tad off but it was still a good movie.

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