The Nasty Truth About Our Food

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  1. These things keep me up at night.

    I don't feed my children anything I wouldn't eat myself, and I certainly do not put something in my mouth, if I dont know where it has been.

    I know, that my kids do go out with friends, and when they are in town, they eat this garbage.

    It's so "COOOOOL" to eat at McDonalds, or stop by the "Subway" or whatever.

    They may as well just pull around behind the building and start eating out of the dumpster. They have no clue where the food was raised, they dont even know what country it comes from, many of those animals have been injected with growth hormones, genetic experimental garbage, God only knows what it has been fed and how it was raised.

    Places like McDonalds, and Burger King, and Subway, they purchase their meat and ingredients outside of the US, and many of these countries have little or no restrictions on how these animals are raised, fed, prepared, stored, etc.

    If you didn't feed it,...don't eat it.
    I will never understand how people can so blindly stick food in their mouths with no clue as to what is in it. Some of these farmers inject their beef and pork with artificial growth hormones, then the parents of the children who injest these poisons, wonder why their little girl is developing breasts at 12 years old or younger.

    Wake up people.
  2. "But it tastes SOOOO good! And it's like only bad if you eat it ALL the time. I only eat it a little bit, not every day like those fat guys. besides when I don't eat it for a while I don't feel as good, so it's better to just eat a little and feel good right? "

    Never encountered someone who thought like that, but I think it is most likely on some subcontious thoughts.

    I don't eat fast food meat actually, except for a couple of chicken things rarely.
    Though I do eat macdonalds fries. :eek:

    Also I refuse to read that artical on the grounds that I hate thinking about that stuff. :p
  3. When I go to Subway, I have veggies. I'm not a meat lover. I could be a vegetarian if dh didn't want meat at every meal. Yes, it would be nice to raise our own meat wouldn't it?

  4. Yes .... Wake up people ... It is the children right now who are going to suffer in the future with all kinds of health issues .
  5. It is nice, but not absolutely necessary.
    The thing is there are options.
    I have one steer. I keep him on a neighbors farm and this fall, I will take him to the processor and that will be our beef for the next year.

    Also, I can't stand the smell of swine, so I buy them from other farmers.
    But, even though I don't raise them, I do know where they come from, and what they eat.

    No farmer I can think of would ever refuse to let their customer know exactly what they feed and inject into their livestock.
    And I have never heard of anyone refusing to let someone come in and help if they really want some hands on knowledge! :D

    Even in you live in the center of down town New York city, you can still drive to the coutry once every few months to pick up your meat.
    I know someone is probably thinking; "Yea, but then I have the expense of gasoline, and I have to buy a freezer....."

    That's true, but when you're paying just a little over 2 dollars a pound for porterhouse, "T"bone, prime rib, and have your pork chops cut 3 inches thick like I do, that freezer pays itself off pretty quick! :)

    Oh, my friend, I have a feeling you aren't used to fresh chicken or milk. Once you get used to the bland taste of store bought frozen chicken, or that watered down garbage they call "milk" I suppose subway or McDonalds would tast good...

    But you swing by my place any evening around 5, I absolutely guarantee you 100%, that you would turn your nose up at anything on the menu once you've had my cooking! :smile_anim:

    That's a serious invite! :welcome:

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