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  1. The "NAME SOUNDS LIKE..." Game

    We might have some fun with this one...

    How many times have we heard someone's name that actually sounds like something else?

    As an example, if we mention the name "Vincent Monella"..... it's nothing out of the ordinary. BUT, if we speak about his brother "Sal" it becomes apparent that his name sounds like "Salmonella".

    Another example would be "George Clops" and his cousin "Cy"... (Cyclops).

    See how many you can come up with...:)
  2. "Justin case"!
  3. Lynn Meabuck
  4. Mary Christmas.... Really is her name.
  5. My cousin went to scool with a Mary Christmas, you just reminded me~

    And I went to school with a "Star Spangler"
  6. I have decided not to particiapte in this game, because some of my replies are kinda naughty, not bad language, or anything like that, but kind of rude, i guess. :eek:
  7. Aw, come on B2LY, you can think of SOMETHING to share with us!
  8. This may be way off! "Sharon Names" I know bad English, I was shooting for "Sharing Names", but "Sharing" is not a name as far as I know.
  9. Topical international connection:

    How about --- Norman Qaeda and his brother "AL"...

    (Just let one of them terrorists show up here in McCracken County, Kentucky, and he'd end up as catfish bait.) :dance:
  10. Good one, Tom!!! :)
  11. Have you heard of the Oakey sisters?

    Cher and Carrie Oakey
  12. LOL!

    I know a bunch but NONE are appropriate. I'll try to come up with some clean ones... :D
  13. " I'd like to introduce you to Beth Fishel and her husband 'Artie'..."

    (Artie Fishel)
  14. Oh I just thought of one ..... Cherry Pond..... Yes that is actually her name. Oh and what about that American Skier.... Peekaboo Street ?
  15. Justin Time......:)
  16. Robin Banks.
  17. How about...

    Lolly Pop

    Silly, eh?:smile_anim::smile_anim:

  18. I bumped in to a couple old friends of yours this morning...

    Joseph Aerts and his brother 'Marshall'...

    (Marshall Aerts)
  19. How about - Edgar Allen Poe and his cousin AL...

    (Al Poe) - [ALPO dog food]
  20. have you ever seen the movie "sky high"? well...the bad guy in that movie is "warren peace"...(war and peace)

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