The most important bible study you can do.

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  1. The most important bible study you can do.

    The History of the Bible itself.
    A subject that is painfully missed today, many dont know but everyone needs to...
    Im undecided on its History at the moment.
    I have read a few things, I guess I could start with this bible timeline.
    Timeline of Bible Translation History

    I found that rather interesting come from this site;

    This is also highly interesting
    From what I have discovered, Christianity has came a long way and its taken a long time to get there. - This is why I dont think Jesus will be back for a while yet...
    We are closer than ever now, so I stopped complaining about so many versions of the bible when I realized its a REALLY good thing.

    So which one is right? in short none of them are right.. English is still no where near as developed as Greek was and you can see the difference between KJV and NIV..
    But the great think is, Greek is now dead, so it wont change.. its preserved!!!!!
    Thats not because NIV are leading anyone astray at all, no its more to do with the fact that in 400 years English developed more and more.
  2. Another interesting thing about the Bible, there were a total of 40 authors who wrote the Bible, from Moses to John the beloved. The number 40, biblically speaking is a perfect number.

    It's amazing that all these 40 people were able to complete a book (with God's help of course) that were all separated by time :)
  3. Well, yeah its great and I think its amazing that God killed the Greek lan to preserve the Greek scriptures.
    Which is what the NT is written in.
    Gods word is preserved always :)
    Its also the only way Gods Word can stay preserved, if the language is changing like English does, it is not preserved.

    Its good to understand this, makes you realize why there is so many English versions.

  4. I must disagree. The various versions are NOT a "good thing." English may develop but the meaning of His Word has not changed. He IS the Word and the Word is the same....
    Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

    The KJV is the closest a non-Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic reader can come to the original. And with the KJV we are able to use the Strong's Concordance. Changes, ostensively to make comprehension easier, often, purposefully or not, alters the meaning. This following is from another forum where this very thing came up. Please notice the difference in the quote given (I don't know from what Bible) and the KJV:

    Remember....He warned us to "beware of the scribes." They're still at work today twisting His Words...just as in the garden.
  5. Actually, if you read the strongs definitions of the words in the passages . you'll see a multiple number of meanings and flavours in each verse . so having more than one translation is good in this way that english is kind of limited in defining what was there in the greek .. even say in an amplified version .

  6. Hi Michael, :smiley90:

    English is limited...I agree, but my point is we are given the tool of the Strong's to use with the KJV to see for ourselves what the word means in it's original language and if the translators in 1611 came close. The new versions are man's idea of what it should be and man is often...wrong (sometimes, purposefully wrong). I really enjoy using the Blue Letter Bible to get a more complete picture but it is still the Holy Spirit that opens our eyes to the true meaning of the written word...the spirit of the word and no translator can do that.

    11 Corinthians 3:6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

  7. Hi whirlwind :)

    Yeah, but not everyone can afford an interlinear bible with the strongs numbers and a strongs concordance . and some people don't have a computer with internet access and wouldn't be able to download the tool i frequently use at Online Bible North America .

    so just staying in consistent with the message Jesus taught that the kingdom is entrusted to children and the message Paul taught on tongues regarding coherence .

    i've heard good things of the blue letter bible .

    and totally agree on your last point . it is the Spirit of God who leads us into all truth . and no one else .

  8. It is good to be in agreement...even if just on one point. :dance:
  9. Amen whirlwind :D
  10. I love and I use it almost daily. In fact, I usually have and blueletter open at the same time. There are limitations to the 1611 KJV most notably the age of the texts they least, that is from my lay-person's understanding. I'm sure somebody out there can mop the floor with me on this subject :) I trust the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit working through modern translators. All in all, the KJV is an excellent translation and use a hard copy with my morning Bible study (including an NIV and NASB.)

    We know that English is limited compared to the deep meanings of Greek and Hebrew. Does anybody speaking English as a second language find good translations in their native tongue? Just curious.

    In Him,
  11. Nice, well three witnesses it is .. and it has a lexicon tab too, i've added it to the "gospel aids" section of my bookmarks . thanks for the recommendation Whirlwind and James .
  12. hmm, I dont know, I dont think the KJV is very close at all to be honest.
    The history of the bible, is important because so many times has the bible been distorted in to other lans other than Greek, Greek is the only preserved word..
    I would have to say, out of all I have seen NIV seems to be the closest...
    KJV is to easy to twist eitherway, its to blunt, English just was not devolped enough back then to translate correctly, just like it isnt today..
  13. Hy- lighting the most important statement you said . . That says it all .

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