The Most Beautiful Time of the Year!

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by Annie, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to share with everyone, what I think is the most perfect time of the year for me.

    I live in an English sea-side town. During the summer, we have tons of tourists, tons of festivals, musical festivals etc. We have lots of people 'invading' our little town to celebrate one thing and another. We have fireworks, and funfairs, markets and madness.

    But now, today, it's almost perfect LOL.

    The tourists have pretty much gone (the summer holidays are over and school starts on Monday:)).

    The sun is out, the sky is blue, the beaches are empty.

    We've done our job as a sea-side town.

    And this is my favourite time of year.

    Time to breathe, time to reflect, time to not worry yet about the year ahead:)

    The PERFECT time.

    Crikey, now I know I'm getting old, when this is my perfect time....
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  2. September is the most perfect time of the year for me. Even now I so recall the anticipation of a new school year (both as a former student and during my teaching years). The excitement of picking out some new clothes and shoes (Mom always got me new shoes each year); the wonderful changing colors where ever I lived but all too short lived before gone in Alaska. The rainy days as long as the rain didn't turn into bombs of rain as it sometimes does here in Western WA. USA. The early morning sun rises and lingering evening sunsets. Sending my husband off to hunt and fish in Alaska when we lived there for 34 years. The running down country roads and the biking on trails to get ready for winter skiing. Most of all the smell of the rain, the leaves, and the crisp air especially in Alaska. I loved it. I still do.
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  3. Hi, sandpiper, you've just painted a beautiful picture of Autumn, in words. I love it .

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  4. Thanks, Annie. Right now Autumn isn't even near here with high late summer temps and no rain. I like your signature! Here's a beautiful fall photo taken last year by my son near his home in New Hampshire, USA. fallNH.jpg
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  5. That is beautiful, it makes me want to visit New Hampshire, just to see the colours:)
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  6. Me too. He just moved there last year so I hope to visit there someday myself. Never have been there. Here in the Pacific NW, US we have beautiful fall seasons but not as colorful as the New England states likely because of our many evergreen trees (which don't change colors) and also desert and farm areas where there are few trees.
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