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  1. My youth pastor uses the message bible, and today, I decided to do some research on it. I used this website:

    Read it if you want.

    I had already done some research before, and from my previous research, I found that the message watered down the truth of God and that the author took many liberties when writing the book. It is a "dynamic translation" meaning that it is paraphrased.

    But today, I found out some more. The message bible contains many new age terms in it. Some examples are: the One, age after age after age, and more. I suggest that you read the article to learn more.

    Another thing to mention is that this bible uses very vulgar phrases and misuses words such as hell. I suggest that you do not use the message bible for these reasons, and also that you read this entire article for more information.

    P.S. I know that this post seemed very brief and mediocre, but I am entirely serious with all that I say.
  2. don;t listen to the disparaging comments from people on websites that look for things to condemn constantly. They need to get over themselves...really.

    Our pastors will refer to The Message from time to time also, and that is because it is a paraphrase done by Eugene Peterson, a man of God who simply performed the task of paraphrasing the whole bible. Don't you paraphrase the scriptures when you explain them? That's what many of us are doing right here on this very forum.
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  3. Yes its commonly known that its not a good bible version to read.
    Stick to the holy one.

    I think people read from it cos they think people too dumb to grasp the actual words from scripture. But thats not true. Also they like to quote little soundbites from it, but you got to rightly divide the word, cant just pick and choose.
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  4. It is a great help, and adjunct to the scriptures. I know that many new believers will use The Message to help elucidate the scriptures that they are reading from the bibles they read as a help in their understanding. There is NOTHING wrong with it.

    What IS wrong is the perpetration of fear and negativity surrounding the scriptures on those who are new in their walk with Jesus Christ.
  5. The problem is that some people use paraphrased bibles as their main Bible. This is not good because the Scripture is being influenced by personal beliefs.
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  6. Paraphrasing the bible can be dangerous though. It if is paraphrased wrong it can mislead people. I think the danger would lie in if someone were to use a paraphrased bible as the only bible that they read.
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  7. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. You beat me to it! Lol
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  8. Well, Juk, that would be their business. God speaks through a paraphrase, also...I have experienced that.
  9. People paraphrase the bible wrong almost every day, here---and they are using the scriptures as their support, to boot! If you are concerned about the veracity of the words of one who uses The Message, then it behooves you to search the scriptures for your own edification. It's all good.
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  10. It's not really that I am concerned about the veracity for my own sake as much as for the sake of the person that uses a paraphrased bible as their only/main source of scripture.
  11. If one is a believer and chooses to read only from The Message, he will soon discover that he cannot memorize it, and talking with other Christians, or reading along with them as they read or teach from the scriptures, it will soon become an issue and they will graduate to scriptural translations.
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  12. I get concerned if people start preaching from it.
    I guess its ok if they wanna quote from it as a paraphrase (maybe for laughs) but it should not be used as scripture in church.
    It seems to be used heavily by those newer health and wealth prosperity gospel churches.
    As someone who's come out of new age, red flag is when they say instead of the Lord's Prayer 'as above, so below'. We are NOT to contact any demons from the underworld. It is an occult phrase.
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  13. I call it the 'Massage Bible' because it massages scripture.
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  14. Quoting from The Message for laughs?

    I am so glad our wonderful pastors feel it important sometimes to illustrate a point with many different versions, including The Message paraphrase. They are rearing strong sheep who will know the word well. Praise God!


    If that is your background, then you are coming from a position of hypersensitivity. The Lord can bring balance to you if you ask Him.
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