The men's viewpoints on women's dress

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by violet, May 14, 2007.

  1. The men's viewpoints on women's dress

    My husband has seen this forum, realizes it is mostly men, and I have his blessings to be on here because you are Christians.

    Now, I would like to ask your viewpoint on how a Christian woman should dress, in your opinion.

    What is your opinion of the pants/dresses issue for women?
    Thank you~
  2. Violet - there is a bad translation contained in the King James Version in Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV) and this one verse is what some denominations 'cling' to, to keep women 'in their place'. This has absolutely nothing to do with clothing, but as translated from the original Hebrew Language Manuscripts, it concerns the same sexual acts as described in Leviticus 18:22 (KJV) and in Leviticus 20:13 (KJV) as well as some references in 1 Timothy 1:10 (KJV), Romans 1:26-27 (KJV) and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (KJV).
    Some denomitations have used the incorrect KJV translation to surpress the stature of women within their 'churches' and that is just plain wrong.

    Even though it does not apply literally, remember - in the days when Leviticus and Deuteronomy were written - what did men wear? "Skirts" !

    Wear whatever you please because there is nothing in scripture as told in the Original Manuscripts from which the King James Version was translated, that limits "garments"... only the sexual orientation as listed above in the quoted verses.
  3. Hello, Sylvanus,
    a lazy eye?;) Is this it?
    It is very nice to meet you.

    Pastor Gary, yes, I agree that some churches/people do mistranslate and I do view this as a control issue.

    I will admit, I am very old fashioned and my husband is the head of me and this household. This is not the same as a controlled atmosphere that I have witnessed in some churches.
  4. Modesty is a biblical principal and we are even responsible if our actions cause others to stumble but other that that I am convinced that God looks at your heart and not you dress/pants- there is however one more point- if you have freedom to dress the way you like (within above parameters) then do so but if you feel it is wrong in your heart and do it anyway that is sin in your life- we follow God's Word and our conscience - one more point I mentioned once before- an awesome women of God once reccomended that the ladies look in the mirror from different angles before leaving the house- some may be surprised at what they see.
  5. Very good advice.
  6. It's more than how much skin is exposed to the eye. It is about dressing appropreately for the environment. Dressing so as not to attract undo attention to ones self. Color, style and fit are factors as well.

    Though there are basic standards of proper dress for each situation for the most part the paramiters are so wide and varied that it is most times a matter of what is better or worse rather than what is wrong or right.

    While certianly women should strive to dress properly. In there defence there are men out there who would be unduely attracted to a woman covered from head to toe in sack cloth.

    Clothing is more of an expression of who we are or who we want others to thingk we are than it was in the past. Not only can it be inappropiate but deceiving either on purpose or by accident.

    I would just like to add that while concidering sentuaL or sexual dress is certianly important some things worn these days are just simply in bad taste and inapropreate to be displayed in public any time.
    The thing that comes to mind first is "Gothic" or Goth as it is called, followed by clothing with inapropiate words or pictures on it.

    As parents what our children wear in public is and should be a reflection on us and the values we have and wish to express. There is a standard that needs to be set and lines that need to be drawn specialy as Christians. There is a lot of stuff out there that is not only sexualy inaproiate but obcene and disrespectful as well. As christians we shouldn't be wearing it ,nor should we allow our children to do so either.

  7. Cliff, that was very good.
    I would say my feelings, exactly.
    Thank You~

  8. Hey Violet!:)
    Can a woman give her opinion too?
  9. Hi AmericanAngel.
    Are you referring to
    you on this topic
    me getting my husband's blessing?

  10. Back home in my village, men still wear a type of cloth which is long enough to wrap around their waist and legs. :D :D

    My family is very traditional and my dad really disapproves of clothes for women that could reveal anything below neck area. I would say, wear anything that is acceptable to a Christian community. To certain people even a little exposure is too much. Again it depends on the society and culture.
  11. Me!:D
  12. AmericanAngel, but of course!!
    What is your opinion on the matter?
  13. better asking your you would tell him if his dressing was improper.
  14. SM, I'm not actually asking because I don't know, but to get a chance to hear others' opinions.
    This is what I like!

  15. then we dont get to know your opinions.

  16. WOMENâ€S DRESS 2007

    I would like to start by stating that I am Pentecostal. But not your typical one. I have been for almost 21 years now. I have no other church upbringing or background before this. My husband does not attend church with me, and he doesn’t choose my clothes for me. I will say that God does not change, we do. And if we do, it should be of the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The church I attend is not the same as it was 20 years ago. The older patrons hold fast to strict “traditions†and the newer ones don’t unless they ask or it is taught to them. We are an outreach church. People wear jeans and t-shirts, or suits with ties. Women wear anything from the traditional dress to casual skirt and blouse, to jeans and tops, even sandals and flip-flops! :p
    Pentecostal isn’t what it was 50 years ago either. Some, I’ve come to understand, believe in oneness or trinity. Some don’t allow pants, makeup, jewelry or cutting of hair. Some do. Some allow the Holy Spirit guide the individual. If you are convicted personally, not by the pressure to conform to a church’s rules, than do as God tells you. In some families, the husband decides what the women wear. If you have no husband, your dad, brother may help. If no manly advice, than perhaps the pastor or his wife can help in this area.
    May I remind you that we are not bound by man-made traditions or legalism.
    Modesty and distinctions between sexes is clear in the Bible. Outward adornment is fine as long as it doesn’t control you and cause distress and stress! 1Peter 3:3 warns Christian women against “relying†upon such adornment to make ourselves attractive.

    And now to answer the “skirt†question!! Hehe ! OT- the men wore the skirts!
    The distinction between the sexes had to do with what kind of cloth or material they wore. Women’s clothing (long dress, scarf or head band) was made of a different cloth! That’s all! With some embroidery, embossing, needlework, fringes, jewelry and such. Men also wore ear and nose rings!;)

    Common sense plays an important part today. For elementary age girls, I recommend shorts under skirts, for those who insist on only dresses and skirts on the girls. It’s co-ed these days and all are in the same gymnasium. The teenage years are tough because of peer-pressure. Most don’t want to stand out and be different at this age, they just want to fit in and blend. As a parent stand your ground about modesty in apparel; they’re old enough to understand the concept.

    When I go motorcycle riding, I wear pants! If I want to bungee-jumping, well, I hope that there are at least shorts under that thar skirt! :D
    Anyone car to go skydiving?!
  17. what to wear as women of God?

    Hi I'm new to the forum and found this to be an intereseting topic. My take is,I don't think you can put the image of "a woman of God" in a box. That would be like saying all Christians would have to look alike, talk alike, and dress alike. Now, of course there is a level of appropriateness but I really believe that God uses each and every one of us in our diversity and that there is a purpose destined for each of us in our uniqueness (i dont know-is that a word?:) . From the traditional to the contemporary, I believe God uses each of us just where we are and allows us to reach others who can relate to our individual persona. God is not so concerned with what's on the outside, He's more concerned with what's on the inside. If He is on the inside, the outside will follow suit.
  18. AMEN! Sista!
    And I like your username!:) Without LOVE we are just noise!
  19. Welcome love!

    I think most of you have given very good points, but I like Cliff's best. :)
  20. One more thing to consider - I wouldn't think of going into a traditional Pentecostal Church in blue jeans if I was a lady- just using that as an example- no use offending anyone- at my church I make it a point to were my best tennis shoes- I figure God is really interseted in our hearts and not our clothes but still we don't want to needlessly offend anyone

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