The main reason(s) why kids leave Christianity

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  1. 1) They don't see their parents practicing the faith. The parents go to church, sing some songs, say amen every two minutes, and then go home and act secular and worldly again.

    2) They don't actually learn the Bible (cough cough the charismatic church cough cough).

    3) They are taught false Christianity.

    4) They are taught a legalistic Christianity. Parents force their kids to read the Bible, instead of setting the example and encouraging them to read the Scriptures.

    5) They have never heard the Gospel. I only heard the actual Gospel after I was saved (guess I wasn't saved then either). My youth pastor and my head pastor do not tell their congregation that they are sinners and that Jesus died for their sins. They only say that God is gonna bless us materially. While that MIGHT be true, that is not the Gospel, and that is not going to convict anyone, and that is not true biblical doctrine. Kids need to hear the Gospel, now more than ever.

    6) Unbelief.

    I understand that this is not speaking for all Christians, but these are some reasons why our kids are apostatizing.
  2. Kids leave the Church because the previous generation has not made it 'real' to them/ genuine. I try not to be a plastic Christian with my daughter; she knows my faults-why pretend that they aren't there? We have to have lots of love and apologies in our home-I didn't grow up "Christian".

    We have to pass along faith worth fighting and dying for...worth committing too...they need to see the Holy Spirit change lives in those they know. Starting with Ma and Pa....

    That starts with believing the Bible ourselves...not the doctrines and traditions of men.

    Grace AND Truth IN Love
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  3. Their parents do not take the effort to make God REAL to them.
    Especially these days, with so many being heirs of the 60's, anything goes, nothing is real.
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  4. How about putting some blame where it belongs. On the youth. It is not always some one esles fault. True they must see a good Godly life style at home but even so - only they can make the choice to seek out God or not.

    @ Juk I mean no disrespect but it is time to mature a little in life and stop knocking everything you do not understand. You are making a name for your self bro with all this putting down on things. Your little cough cough is not really funny however it is sad.

    I would like to challenge you to something bro -
    With the same amount of energy that you waste looking and searching for false this and that and trying to catch pastors in lies and knocking this chuch or that - AND - use this same about of energy and focus looking for our Lord to speak to you. Look to be blessed and be a Blessing and pray bro pray.

    Why ? Because you more then likely Brother Juk will find God has been talking to you and trying to teach you in the church you are at but YOU Juk are way to busy looking for everything that is wrong. With a busy mind set as this bro - you aint gonna hear a thing.

    Think about our PM's and add this to it. You up for the challenge or is this simply to dificult ?
    Have a wonderful summer my friend
    God Bless
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  5. I agree with @Brother_Mike_V

    I remember i stopped going to church when I was younger because it seemed very boring to me and I used to go to church and sleep half the time. What they were saying seemed so far fetched.Everything just flew over my head. I just couldn't understand what they were talking about. In addition to that the people there (not all of them) always seemed so false to me. Its almost like they put on this mask and this personality for church and just as you said,when they go home they are completely different. I think I got annoyed and bored after awhile.

    Even today as a young adult,I have since gone back to church but I still think they need to make things more practical for us. Things we can use in our daily lives.
  6. Be careful not to fall into the 'relevant' trap; God's Word is and eternally will be "relevant". You make Church 'practical' by applying God's Word in your own life-not worrying about what others are doing to apply it in theirs. One genuine Christian can make a 'church' do cartwheels! ;)
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  7. Oh yes Brother Mike. It will always be relevant!:)

    :ROFLMAO: @one genuine Christian can make a church do cartwheels.My church has a lot of old folks and some of them are very stuck in old traditions so they feel almost "threatened" if someone younger comes in and makes a suggestion. I can't say I've found a church im comfortable in yet. But I'll remain at the one I am at now until I find another. I can't seem to connect with most of the sermons. So I tend to do a lot of studying with my friends or by myself. But church is what you make it.

    I strayed from my faith for awhile. And you know what got me back on track? I had a friend who was a Christian. Just the way how she lived and how strong and at peace she seemed. She always acknowledged that God was in control. No matter how much the world around her was crashing. And you know what? She had such strong faith that it was almost like she was favored...everything would just work itself our for her. And I was I eventually found my way back. And now I am trying to have a personal relationship with God. So even though I still don't necessarily like that church...I still get up and go in hopes that one day one of the sermons will really hit me.:)
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  8. Please check the last one.
  9. @one I still get up and go in hopes that one day one of the sermons will really hit me.:)[/QUOTE]

    That's a teachable spirit-God can use that! :)
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  10. Last one what ? ;)
  11. You ought to get as many friends together and show up at church and sing a classic hymn* to the old fogies; saved or not; your friends lives will be changed in some way or the other; and so will the congregation.

    (*I am not one to advocate contemporary christian music; but there are 'newer' more vibrant hymns; you need to look for Holiness in all things: including music. That's the real question to ask yourself in decision making as a Christian: "Is ________ Holy and pleasing to God?" )
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  12. The last point. It says unbelief. That is the main reason.
  13. So what about the rest of the reply ?
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  15. I've posted this here before, but Matt Walsh (the author of this article) really nailed it when it comes to the church-going culture and why young people are turning away.

    If the only option I saw was anything other than the orthodoxy, it'd be difficult for me to accept it as true. Why be a Christian when the world offers the same thing only better?
  16. Which one?
  17. Yeah, to act, inspire for action, a call for action.

    Action = works

    Makes sense.

    What makes/shows our Faith alive and not dead : )
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  18. THIS^

    I absolutely agree with you...we need to focus on ourselves and make the lord real in our own lives.
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  19. I think you could say I sorta was a kid who left Christianity around college early adulthood. What brought be back was going through some hard stuff that was caused by sin. Then I understood the real message of Jesus. The average kid wont experience these things when they are still in school and how could any of their parents be a perfect example because they are only human beings to begin with. It doesn't surprise me that kids leave. In fact I would really expect a certain percentage to.
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