The Lord's Prayer In Aramaic With Translations

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  1. The Prayer To Our Father
    (translated into first century Aramaic)
    "Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes,
    who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.
    Nethkâdasch schmach
    May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.
    Têtê malkuthach.
    Your Heavenly Domain approaches.
    Nehwê tzevjânach aikâna d'bwaschmâja af b'arha.
    Let Your will come true - in the universe (all that vibrates)
    just as on earth (that is material and dense).
    Hawvlân lachma d'sûnkanân jaomâna.
    Give us wisdom (understanding, assistance) for our daily need,
    Waschboklân chaubên wachtahên aikâna
    daf chnân schwoken l'chaijabên.
    detach the fetters of faults that bind us,
    like we let go the guilt of others.
    Wela tachlân l'nesjuna
    Let us not be lost in superficial things (materialism, common temptations),
    ela patzân min bischa.
    but let us be freed from that what keeps us off from our true purpose.
    Metol dilachie malkutha wahaila wateschbuchta l'ahlâm almîn.
    From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act,
    the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age.
    Sealed in trust, faith and truth.

    Matthew 6:9-13
    Therefore, this is how you shall pray
    Our heavenly Father, hallowed is your name.
    Your Kingdom is come. Your will is done,
    As in heaven so also on earth.
    Give us the bread for our daily need.
    And leave us serene,
    just as we also allowed others serenity.
    And do not pass us through trial,
    except separate us from the evil one.
    For yours is the Kingdom,
    the Power and the Glory
    To the end of the universe, of all the universes."

    In Galilean Aramaic
    Yithqadash sh‘mak.
    May thy name be holy.
    Tethe malkuthak.
    May thy kingdom come.
    T’hey ra’uthak.
    May thy will be done.
    Pitthan yelip hav lan yomden.
    Give us today our usual bread.
    w-Shbuq lan hobenan.
    And forgive us our debts / sins.
    Hek ’anan sh‘baqin l-haibenan.
    As we forgive our debtors.
    w-La ‘ul lan l-nisyon.
    And lead us not into temptation.
  2. Lord's Prayer in Elvish (Quenya)

    Attolma i menelessie, nai airitainiéva esselya.
    Our Father who is in heaven, be it that will be hallowed thy name.
    Nai ardalya tuluva.
    Be it that thy kingdom will come.
    Nai írelya tyarniéva mardesse ve menelesse.
    Be it that thy desire will be done on earth as in heaven.
    Anta men síre ilyaurea mastalma.
    Give (to) us today daily our bread.
    Ar avanta men raikalmar ve avantalme raikatyarolmain.
    And forgive (for) us our wrongs as we forgive (for) our wrong-doers.
    Ar nai útukuvalye me mailenna
    And be it that thou will not lead us into overmastering desire
    fainu me ulkallo. Amen.
    but release us from evil. Amen.
  3. Lord's Prayer in Gullah

    Our Fadduh awt’n Hebb’n, all-duh-weh be dy holy ‘n uh rightschus name. Dy kingdom com.’ Oh lawd leh yo’ holy ‘n rightschus woud be done, on dis ert’ as-’e tis dun een yo’ grayt Hebb’n. ‘N ghee we oh Lawd dis day our day-ly bread. “N f’gib we oh Lawd our trus-passes, as we also f’gib doohs who com’ sin ‘n truspass uhghens us. ‘N need-us-snot oh konkuhrin’ King een tuh no moh ting like uh sin ‘n eeb’l. Fuh dyne oh dyne is duh kingdom, ‘n duh kingdom prommus fuh be we ebbuh las’n glory. Amen.

    Gullah- The language spoken by the Lowcountry's first black inhabitants. The language and culture still thrive today in and around the Charleston/Beaufort, South Carolina region.
  4. LOLOLOLOL.....

    You two kill me sometimes (Rusty & Glomung)

    Thankfully our example prayer given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ translated into any language still speaks to the same 'God of the Living'. :D
  5. Why do you guys mock?
  6. Why ask "why?"

    If you enjoy extra biblical theories (and you have shown fervent attachment to them) and we see them as provable rubbish, then a little levity harms only those that take themselves MUCH too seriously and have barely discernible regard for the questions and opinions of others.
  7. Who is mocking?
    For those of us who are fans of Tolkien, we would much prefer his world over the one we are in.
    Tolkien fashioned the Elves after his notion of what mankind would be without the corruption of sin.
  8. Actually I have always been rather intrigued by PIDGIN languages. It is amazing how quickly languages mutate to serve a changing population.
  9. When I lived in Honduras, I met the Garifuna peoples, also West African slaves descendents who escaped "Christian" slave masters and remained Christians.

    I cannot imagine why Gullah would be "mocking" to someone any more than Cockney would be.
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    is about as New Aged as it gets....Pass....Let shlepping Gnostics rest
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  12. Once again sir-you are REALLY good with that hammer!

    Oh Lord-please open the eyes and ears of your children. In Jesus Christ's name I pray.
  13. It's just a tiny silver-smiths mallet, actually.
  14. I thought it was one of those 'rock hammers'?
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  16. Amen! IMO it is better to laugh that to cry, but that is just me.
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  17. My study scripture for this week I think:

    Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.
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  18. Interesting to note that the universe is somehow differentiated as "all that vibrates" from Earth "that which is material and dense." This makes no sense to me. All the universe, Earth included, has mass and all that mass "vibrates." Unless, of course, "vibration" is used in the New Age sense of metaphysical motion, a notion I do not ascribe to.

    The article Rusty referenced is a good read, though the author is a bit more generous than I would be at the end.
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  19. Oh goody! Someone did see that, too. Yeah...the last paragraph was very lame, Rumely, IMO.

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