The Lord cured my Depression

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  1. Since I have converted most of my depression has been cured. God sends his spirits to comfort me. I have little depression since I have converted. I no longer feel overwhelmingly depressed that others are having fun when I am stuck alone. I feel better wielding the cross. It has given me strength and direction in life. Now I feel more content knowing God will fulfill my desires in this life and the next and I don't have to worry about being left low. I have Jesus Christ and God to thank. His wisdom has helped me exponentially.
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  2. The truth is hope, something that is impossible without God.
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  3. Glory to the Lord! (y)
  4. Amazing... whatever you did i need to do.

    Im teally happy for you, depression combined with anxiety is nothing id wish on anyone .uhg.
  5. This is amazing and I totally believe you because the Lord is doing the same for me. For twenty years I obediently took anti-depressants (which have caused me all kinds of health problems due to their long-term use); but until I learned to accept God's plan for my life, I never overcame the major depression. I've been off meds for over seven years, and while I still suffer with health problems related to the anti-depressants, my depression has lifted, is lifting, and will continue to be lifted! My hope is in Him...and I am soooo glad to hear another believer has found the Way of Jesus.
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