The lineage of Cain points to Jesus

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  1. Here’s another example of the power of names in the word of God pointing to Jesus:

    Cain’s lineage - Genesis 4:17-24

    Cain – Possession – chat dirge
    Enoch – dedicated, train, inaugurate
    Irad – fleet, wild donkey, fugitive, “City of Witness”, go away
    Mehujael – smitten by God, blotted out by God
    Methusael – who is of God, Man of God, I’m Mortal Where is God, requested Man
    Lamek – powerful, for lowering, for humiliation
    Adah – ornament, adorned
    Zillah – shade, shadow, darken
    Jabal – stream of water, living water, carry, flowing, pass by, leading
    Jubal – stream, trumpet, Jubilee, joyful sound
    Tubalcain – flowing fourth of acquisition, carry, you will be brought for produce (posses)
    Naamah – loveliness, pleasant, sweet, delightful, beautiful


    Combined Meaning: [] means the word is not part of the original

    [A] lamented poem dedicated [to the] City of Witness: Smitten by God, the Man of God, humiliated [and] adorned [in] darkness. [The] Living Water flows. Flows forth for [the] acquisition [of His] Lovely.

    What a lovely poem right there in the word of God about Jesus. The City of Witness is Jerusalem as she is to witness these events. The Man of God, Jesus, smitten by God for our sins, was humiliated on the cross, naked and bare, adorned in darkness because the sun was blocked out for three hours. The Living Water flows - blood was shed for us and in the blood is the Life. It flowed to pay for us, His lovely Bride! Simply Amazing!
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