The Land of Comfort

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  1. The Land of Comfort

    The Land of Comfort

    I was counseling a member of the church. They were explaining how their diligence in doing what God said had made a major turnaround. They were attributing it to one thing after another, but I noticed turnaround started exactly at the point when they lost their job. Often during our periods of comfort and security, we abide in our strength and wisdom. When that security is removed then we pray like we never have before, we listen to the messages like we never have before, we change like we never have before. As painful as it is, ...sometimes we can’t be reached in the land of comfort. ~A MountainWings Original~ Forward this issue to a friend or send them the link below: Inspirational E-Mail -
  2. A BIIIIIG AMen to that BO!
    Rock bottom is sometimes the best place to be! God pulled me from it, and though I lost all that I was working so hard for, I was saved!!!!! Saved by HIS grace!!!! I couldn't see, I was really blind by my sin, and my life, and I praise HIM that HE was there for me and saved my soul from hell.
    If only we could pray to HIm, cry out to HIM, seek HIM and hear HIM like we do when we are faced wih great trial. Praise HIS name!!!

    great posting BRO!
  3. I am glad you were blessed sis :D! It is often been said the most dangerous place for any christian is when everything is going smoothly. That is the place we tend to forget how totally dependent on God we really are.
  4. make him your number 1 priority.because he is other idols before can have good stuff,but know were you really get them from.
  5. I have found that the times in my life when I entered into a place of complaceny God arranged something to give me a wake up call to pull me out of that. So, I am much more careful not to go there anymore. :)

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