The Lamb of God

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  1. The Lamb of God

    Written by me on March 31.

    The Lamb of God

    God had a very precious Lamb Who died for you and me;
    He gave Himself so willingly upon a cruel tree.
    His only crime was that He loved, though many sought His life,
    But He just gave Himself to free us from all sin and strife.

    They beat Him, mocked Him, spit upon Him, saying "Prophecy!
    Tell us who has smote Your face, if truly You're the Christ."
    But naught He said in His defense; He stood and took the pain,
    Even as His clothes with blood did bear the awful stain.

    His life had been a sinless one; no blame lay at His feet,
    And yet He spoke no words to those who on His body beat.
    Upon a cross the Lamb was laid; a crown of thorns He wore.
    His hands and feet with nails pierced; His precious flesh they tore.

    He cried "Forgive" and gave Himself upon that cruel tree;
    The Lamb was sacrificed for sinners just like you and me.
    They laid the Lamb within a tomb and thought that He was dead;
    Death could not hold God's precious Lamb upon that cold, hard bed.

    He rose again, the Lamb of God! Victorious o'er the grave!
    To free all those who come to Him, to sin who are enslaved.
    He lives and reigns forevermore! This Lamb, the Son of God!
    And we will live forevermore, washed in the Lamb's own blood!
  2. :eek:

    That was really good!

    God Bless.
  3. Very nice indeed brother!:D
  4. Beautiful......I kept thinking that this should be sung! Maybe you write lyrics instead of poetry.....just a thought!
  5. I could put some of melody to it, but not a very good one. I have just a basic knowledge of music.
  6. Jon-Marc,
    Maybe you know someone else who can write the music......worth a shot anyway..
  7. Thankyou Jesus for dying for me.

    Thankyou Jon- Mark for your beautiful expression of praise to our Lord.
  8. That's beautiful, thank you. :)
  9. Beautiful Indeed:)
  10. It's extremely great! It almost made me flying :israel:
  11. awsome man.. really awsome.

  12. Great poetry!!! (=
    I don't understand the tree part though,can anyone explain that to me please? :D
  13. The cross is sometimes referred to as a tree since the wood came from a tree. Besides, "cross" wouldn't rhyme, and I like for my poems to rhyme. :D
  14. haha Oh :D thanks for the clarification! (=

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