The Kingdom Of God versus The Kingdom Of Heaven

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  1. I highly recommend the Youtube video posted here.
    Alan Horvath - a Messianic Jew - is able to expound on the original Hebrew texts.
    I never realized that the original Hebraic alphabet and script was in itself highly
    symbolic and spiritual. Watch and enjoy...
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  2. Yep!! Every letter has its own meaning, which when combined with other letters, creates a concept. It's utterly amazing what's found. Here's a couple of examples:

    Bless - barak - ברך
    Each letter means:
    (ב) in, (ר) man, (ך) open hand​

    To bless is in the open hand of a man. The image is like giving someone in need something you have in your hand. (Deu 15:7-8; Mat 27:35, Mar 15:24)

    Love - aha - אהב
    Each letter means:
    (א) sacrifice, (ה) look!, (ב) in​

    “H” (ה) is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Some pictographs represent a window for this letter – as in to reveal. Rabbi’s state they don’t know what is being revealed, so they just it like Lo!, or Look! Five means grace in scripture, and the revelation of what God wants. Remove the “h” in ahav and you get Ab, (אב) the word for father (leader of house). The heart of the Father is grace. (Num 21:8; Isa 53:8; Joh 1:29)

    The letters do not have a specific meaning, but a concept. Here's another example:

    Grace - chen - חן
    Each letter means these concepts:
    separate, life;
    secure, people;
    life Seed! (my favorite for Grace)​

    We are to live a separated life (Pro 18:1; 2Co 6:17); Peculiar life (1Pe 2:9); We are protected (Psa 91:1-2); (Eph 2:8) The Jewish rabbis teach that het (ח) is life (חיים), whose full expression is love; so much so that life literally means the plural (ים–) of alive – “alives”.

    John 10:10 (KJV) “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

    Check out what Nazi means!

    Nazi - nazi - נאצי
    seed, sacrifice, hunt (desire, need), deed (work)

    I thought about this word when I remembered nun and alef were “seed” and “sacrifice”. It was too close to the events not to look into. The next letter tzadi (צ) has a meaning of “righteous man” but also “to hunt” and “fishhook”; in Aramaic it means “chaos”. The picture of tzadi is to pull forward, inescapable, desire, trouble and a harvest. To expand this meaning in how this word Nazi relates to the Jews: The seed of Abraham is sacrificed, hunted and inescapable from this deed.

    Here's more:

    There ya go.

    Another area is Gematria - each letter both in Hebrew and Greek - have a number value as both languages do not have characters associated by numbers. Check out the signature of God in Genesis 1:1 here
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