The Iron Mask

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  1. The Iron Mask

    Caught this show on TV last night...I don't know what to think. It bothers me, first, that people are now going on TV to "confess their sins". Then, some of the confessions were very disturbing. And the end-credits rolled up, there's a whole stack of listed writers. Why would they need writers for a show that's supposed to be spontaneous?'s what bothered me. Last night, one of the guests was confessing something disturbing. He works for a very popular televangelist who has many viewers.

    He said that this man has devoted watchers. He collects tens of millions of dollars in one broadcast. But he's a fraud. His "faith healing" has resulted in some deaths. In one case, an elderly woman broke her hip when this televangelist pushed her back. She sat in agony in the audience, because the televangelist refused to call paramedics to his faith healing. Eventually, he gave in and called. The woman later died from complications of this injury.

    In another case, a man cashed in his life insurance policy and donated everything he had to this "man of God". He died of cancer, believing that he had purchased his own healing. He left behind a family in debt.

    My own heart is satisfied that I follow Jesus Christ, and not a televangelist. I don't donate to these broadcasts. If I'm watching a spiritual broadcast and it moves me, I'll donate to my local church. God gets that donation in the end.

    How do you identify the frauds? How do you choose which spiritual programs are appropriate to watch? :confused:
  2. Be deep rooted in The Word of God. That is how you distinguish between a charlitan, and a true man of God.
  4. lies,people tell lies in thinking that it will confuse God,another satan lie,also they are his children,liars.:eek:
  5. Pray for discernment, God will give you a witness.
  6. Thanks, guys...

    Once again, my heart is at rest. :groupray:

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