The Internet Can Be Really Cruel

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  1. Hey, this is going to be a pretty morbid sort of area, but I just feel real bummed about this. I was looking around on the internet and I noticed a "great" ad which says "life is short have an affair". According to one source (on wikipedia sorry) there are at least 21 million members in 30 different countries. So basically there is a business that sets up affairs for people...THANKS INTERNET [​IMG]

    So basically when your tired of your significant other and feel like ruining both your life and your families lives (in-laws too) all you have to do is click with your mouse. Anyway what about the internet seems cruel to you guys?
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  2. The internet is a gift and a curse. It allows people to gather information easier and communicate with others they would never meet, but at the same time it is a medium for evil. So, like the world, it is good and bad based on the people on it.
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  3. People were before the net like this.

    The big issue is how many profess The King as Lord and continue to cheat on their spouses.

    Even worse are the ones that state well I'm not perfect, God knows this as he said we'll come in filthy rags, and then continues on in the sin because well of that excuse of we're not perfect.
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  4. Some of the most evil people I know attend church every Sunday.....
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  5. And some of them are in the leadership of them.
  6. I suppose this isn't as bad as snuff films though. I actually watched an entire documentary about it. The Internet is a real haven for snuff.
  7. Sounds like you need to changes churches.
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  8. Sounds like you need to change leadership.
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