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Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Bondman, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Rebekah, that IS strange. Have you asked her straight out about it?[​IMG]
  2. Aw, Nettie! Got me excited thinking God had done a quick work in healing Bondman!
    Please let him know we are continuing in prayer for both of you![​IMG]
  3. Hi everyone!

    I'm slowly improving with at least some time out of bed. Thought I'd sneak in here and just do one post! THANKYOU sooo much for your love, which is so amazing! THANKYOU sooo much for your prayers which God loves to get! (and answer!!)

    Sorry not yet answering PM's and posts...

    For those who don't know we have both had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome most of our lives (also called CFIDS and ME). We are both in our doctor's 5% of the worst cases he's ever seen. The fatigue part is one of the worst aspects of this not-understood syndrome of a large number of rather awful health problems. Our energy reserves are very low and soon as we try to do things we wear out - and then it also takes ages for our reserves to rebuild. The first day in bed I was too weak to even manage to hold on to a glass of water.

    Now tests have just shown that my beloved wife has problems in her gall and intestine, so she is struggling a lot extra at this time.

    Bless each one of you. Missing you badly! Hope to be back real soon (propped up here in front of the ole PC!) But I ain't rushing - I do NOT want another crash like THAT one!!!) :blink:

    Lots of love,

    - BM and his Lady
  4. Yay! Bondman is on the road to recovery!!!
    Take as much time as you need! You know we will hold down the fort in the meantime. We'll keep praying for you!
  5. You are both on my heart and in my prayers brother.
  6. Thankyou loved ones! I'm back in bed. Not my fault - just my poor old sick and tired body. Love ya all millions! - BM
  7. [​IMG]Bondman, this is going to be you and Nettie, pretty soon! Keep resting and believing! Its a comin'!
  8. My sincere thanks to Fluffy and Amanda for the way they've minded the stove for me numbers of times recently. I love you guys and I trust you. I know all is in good hands till I can make it back. And make it back I WILL!!!

    Over the next 4 days Beloved has special meds to try and fix the wretched problems in her gut. So far it's not working. Thanks for praying!

    Much love to all,

    - BM and his Lady

    P.S My spirit is still strong despite all the rest of the weaknesses! So here's the next message... Be Blessed!
  9. [​IMG]

    MESSAGE #4


    There are about three major 'secrets' I know to enable up to be the Christian man or woman that God wants - and hopefully that you want too. I've mentioned just one of these: obedience. It's essential that I obey God, doing what He tells me to in His Word (since Jesus came to earth that means obeying God's New Covenant commands He's set forth in the New Testament).

    Okay, but where to start? Or to put it another way what's the most important thing to obey? Well, do you think that love is tops in God's sight? I do. His love for US; our LOVE RESPONSE to Him. So Jesus came, and He took the TEN Commandments from the Old Covenant and re-spoke them to us as TWO commands for us today: Love God; and love everyone.

    And how did He say that am I to love God?

    Mark Ch 12
    30 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.' This is the first commandment.

    Love Him with my heart, soul, mind and strength. Wow. And notice the "ALL" each time!! BUT... the $64,000 question is: can I do this? As a young Christian I gotta admit to you that every time I came to this command I simply said to myself, "Well obviously I can't do THAT!" and skipped on past. Every time! *sad*

    But now I don't. Cos I now truly love Him with ALL of my heart, soul, mind and strength. But someone may want to say, "Hey, aren't you saying you love Him perfectly? I don't know if i can accept that." I agree. All I know is that I just CANNOT love Him any more than I do right now! He's got all my heart, and all of me... Whether that's imperfect, perfect or what only He knows.

    But here's something. Every day my beloved wife and I say to each other, "I love you!" (a) cos we DO! - and (b) cos we know how crucially IMPORTANT it is to do this. Also at some time every year, or times, I tell her that I love her totally - that I can't possibly love her any more than I do. But... a year later, guess what? EVERY TIME, I LOVE HER MORE THAN I DID PREVIOUSLY! So in effect loving her perfectly has got... hmm... somehow or other even more perfect!! For me, loving God is something like that.

    Alrighty, in order to start being OBEDIENT and loving God, we better ask the question: "How do we get to love someone MORE?" Answer: by getting to know them better. And how do we do that? By spending TIME with them, TALKING with them, and by LEARNING more about them! (I imagine I don't need to spell that out any more clearly.)

    So how's about we seriously get started on obeying this command? I personally reckon we should. What do you think?


    - BM and his Lady [​IMG]

  10. My wife has similar problems and recently started taking probiotics in the form of several strains of lactobacillus. She has had remarkable success and gained relief from her gastric problems. May be worth a look.
  11. My sister also gets some relief taking probiotics.
  12. This is quite serious - so thankyou so juch guys!
  13. Yes and unfortunately most doctors don't agree. My wife has MCS along with CFS.
  14. Check this page for useful info. The CoQ10 is awesome for athritis but only last about 6 hours- it can actually take severe pain away and now I see it reccomended for CFSyndrome.
    Much love and prayer in Christ, Larry.
  15. [​IMG]

    Bondman and lady,
    Trusting that the Lord is restoring you strength and He knows all. He is our healer... the Great Physician. Jesus not only delivers us from disease but leads us into health. Be Blessed today.
  16. above controls below.humans need Godly power.
  17. I have a friend that is a nanny and one of the children she nannies for has brain cancer - this baby is 20 months old. I can't give more details because to be honest she asked that this not be shared on other forums - but I felt like I HAD to get prayers going for this baby.

    Thank you

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