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Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Bondman, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Thanks for your opinion. I to seek the truth and am always cautious about new ideas. And by far the best book to read on heaven is the Bible. Besides it's not what man thinks or assumes ;it's what God says that is important !
  2. Absolutely! Every word you said is exactly how I live my life also!! And ultimately is why at around 7 decades on the planet I was able to write messages of what the Bible actually says - helped in a really MAJOR way by the Holy Spirit interpreting God's Word to me.

    Bless you heaps, my brother in Christ, and your good wife!!

    - BM

    EDIT: Your excellent Christian life principles you wrote are what ALL Believers must use. Sadly few do....
  3. Pray for me. I have a sore back and on monday I am suppose to start back at work laying concrete blocks ! Pray for a miracle ; but yet God's will and not mine.Who knows the future. The old saying goes "I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future." Jim

    About us is below the Questions.

    Previous Question: Of all the things you say to the Lord, what are the few most wonderful words that you love to say to the Him?

    I think this is a really interesting question. Obviously each Believer is going to give a different answer or answers. Wouldn't it be fascinating to collect and collate answers to see which was the most common!

    My top answer, which I say virtually every prayer session with Him from VERY deep within my heart is:

    .. "I TRUST YOU LORD, I REALLY DO!!!" I think that because of the world around us and life's difficulties I feel a need to know that I've sort of 'reinstated' my relationship with Him for another day - so He knows that literally no matter what, I DO and will continue to trust Him!! If my 'trust level' goes down a bit (and life does that to me sometimes) then it's SO GOOD to get it back up and be close to Him again!!

    Some other things I say often:
    .. With amazement: "You are my God, and I am Your son!"
    .. "Please guide me with this Lord," (I don't ask Him to tell me things these days, but prefer 'guidance'. He ultimately guides me with strong PEACE - if it's a YES; or a fairly high degree of uncomfortability if it's a NO.)
    .. "Jesus, I am Your bond-slave. I belong totally to You. Whatever You want I WILL do."
    .."I love you SO much!!!"
    .. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for... [whatever]!!"

    That's enough! Were any of these the same as yours?

    Next Question: Why should you read my messages? (and I do mean all of them!!!) Isn't the Bible enough?

    Life continues in the Bondman and Beloved household. With difficulty. Our good carer, Karen, who I've mentioned many times, has changed - and is now nowhere near so good... We know that with all of our needs that we are 'high maintenance.' She's had 5 years with us. Maybe it's time for a change. Trouble is she is still SO GOOD at the tasks we need her to do that: (a) finding someone to replace her would be very difficult for our (Govt) Provider, who found her for us. And (b) Having to teach and train a new person would be so VERY hard on my Love!

    What to do? We don't know. She's become moody, and somewhat rebellious, plus doesn't treat Beloved with respect a lot of the time. We're currently stuck about this one! "Need Your answer, Lord."

    I finally got my hair cut today - I looked like the wild man from the West!! Every Monday when a Carer can take me to get it done, my head is much too bad for this, and I will go back to bed after having breakfast! Beloved reckons it's Monday morning syndrome! lol! Anyway I'm all spiffy again, at least for a few weeks (why do hair and finger-nails HAVE to grow so fast??)

    For some weeks my Lady has been managing to go to bed EARLIER and actually - dare I say it?? - SLEEPING!!! What IS this out-of-the-blue change? We've no idea. CFS is like that. Will is last? Same answer. But it's sure great!!

    Till next time, much love from Down Under!!!

    - BM
  5. Next Question: Why should you read my messages? (and I do mean all of them!!!) Isn't the Bible enough?

    Hey Bondman! Hi there! Just popping in for a quick few minutes. I will continue to pray for you and the Mrs and your situation with your care giver.
    Please continue to keep my health in prayers. I go tomorrow for my nuclear med stress test for my heart. I am scheduled to have knee surgery at end of month but do not look for that to happen until after this situation is taken care of.
    I am still loving Evangelizing for the Lord on the streets.

    I can personally say that my answer to your question is because your explanations of the word truly really do help folks! We need to have a better understanding of the Bible and it does state to seek counsel and the ancient paths.. so my dear friend, you have been living and serving the Lord for many years, I cannot think of a better person to share the love of Christ with others.
    Love ya!
    Hugs to the Mrs.
  6. Thank you, hon, for your lovely response, and also for your prayers. I am keeping your specific physical needs in my daily prayers, and will continue to do so. Not particularly enthused to hear of your need of a heart stress test - praying it will be okay!

    Thanks for the 'plug' for people to read Inner Room Messages. We all need to UNDERSTAND the Bible so that we can then LIVE it, so as to PLEASE the Lord God!!

    Keep up you good work of evangelism, as I know you will.

    Blessings, love and esp. HUGGIES!!! *happy grin*

    - BM
  7. 3/4 way thru book on heaven by RANDY ALCORN enjoying it very much.

    Jim, my dear friend, I thought we'd sorted this, but no problem because others who may read here may want to know.

    Alcorn is a Novelist and sadly much of his work on Heaven is the same as a novel - made up in his mind. And so to...

    WARNING #1. It is also in the form of a popular book, a book he wrote that people would love - because it makes them feel good!!

    And they do! Yet it purports to be a book telling you what the Bible teaches about heaven. It doesn't. When I write Inner Room Messages I am not trying to make ANYONE feel good. Rather I'm speaking the truth of what God's Word actually says (anyone may tell me where I'm wrong and if so I will publicly admit this - and fix it!!) To speak the truth, often I may speak strongly - even to the point of offending people - just as the Bible itself does. Alcorn would NEVER do this, so my Messages are very, VERY different from this part-fictional book which makes almost all readers feel good and say they love it. It was written deliberately to do exactly that!

    WARNING #2. The fiction part comes from the foolish assumptions (guesses!) he makes, OR reads - and quotes - that someone else already made. AND then builds on these assumptions to create new but FALSE doctrines.

    For example, he says that Heaven is part of our physical universe. How ridiculous - a guess that he cannot possibly prove from Scripture, so why put it in a book purportedly about heaven? It's nonsensical anyway. God is Spirit. He is with me and with you. He's everywhere. Why would Spirit need a "place" to live - that's such a contradiction of terms: a place is part of our concept of time and space. That is, Alcorn is a very "earthly" thinker - rather than a spiritual one - seemingly wanting to bring everything down, down to our earthly terms!

    No mere man can do that to our Mighty GOD!!! In the last few verses of Revelation we're solemnly warned NOT to take away or ADD anything to the Book. To me this author adds much that is NOT in God's Word. Very serious IMO! Worse still, after making an (unwarranted) assumption, he often then builds on this with further assumptions (that may appear quite logical - as well as exciting) until he has effectively created a whole NEW doctrine bearing little if any relation to what the Scripture really says - OR doesn't say (we must take the greatest care not to read into the text things it simply DOESN'T say. Man oh man, all of this is REALLY BAD!!

    WARNING #3. It's hardly surprising that Jim is enjoying it. But here's the problem - a most serious one! Everything you read about the Bible, whether it's correct or incorrect makes a brain trace. That is, you will remember it (and satan will help you to do so with the ERRORS!!) The more engrossed and caught up you are (loving it and feeling good), the stronger the brain trace! If it's ERROR rather than truth, as much is in this book, then your mind now has a mix of truth and error!

    I can illustrate why this is so serious by how my Beloved and I once listened to a TV Evangelist when we'd become too ill to attend church meetings. Just like Alcorn, what he preached sounded so good! But a fair bit of it wasn't - again exactly like Heaven's author. Ultimately we realised we'd been conned. We gave this guy up, with us in a VERY hurt condition. My Beloved took years to get over the damage he did to us. BRAIN TRACES: it then took her further years to get out of her mind the error-laden brain traces he'd implanted there, i.e., it was sometimes quite IMPOSSIBLE for her to be certain of the difference between Scriptural truth and error!!

    Today she's fine, tho still angry about what this guy fed into our minds. And we both utterly REFUSE to listen to anything or read something that's questionable. Far too dangerous - and many have gone off The Path by doing this very thing!!

    WARNING #4. IT'S PLAYING WITH FIRE: if you believe Alcorn, then it will be just that much easier to read another book putting MORE error into your mind! That is, please so NOT at any time knowingly read or listen to error, because this one step can easily lead to another and another - in the wrong direction! How do you think that young Christians end up as atheists? Go to MySpace and read their posts. They believed - but listened to someone speaking error, and so a seed was sown in their minds. Once there the next seed has easier entry - and the end result is DESTRUCTION for them!!!

    Now that's sad, yet SO unnecessary, if we fail to take great care what we allow to come into our mind, and make a brain trace.

    I earnestly hope some of this may prove to be of value to some readers here.

    Many blessings!

    - BM
  9. Thx for your response. The end result is that we as christians have the gift of eternal life in heaven. That is my longing and desire as a follower of Christ.I enjoy the book, but the bible is the only true source for all the answers .
  10. Yes Jim, the Bible indeed IS the only true source for all the answers. It's a pity Mr Alcorn didn't read it properly - now leaving you with a lot of error fixed in your mind. Because this error is so incredibly STRONG, IMO you'll now never be able to properly see what the Scripture really says, and particularly does NOT say, about heaven - and so it makes me very sad that you've not followed my advices. Further to that, I hope that your expressed enjoyment and continued reading of the book doesn't lead any others to get and read it...

    With love!!

    - BM
  11. The only advice I follow is God and His word. The bible is my only answer to all of lifes questions ,even about heaven.I really appreciate your friendship and your concern. I am also thankful that God has prepared heaven for us. I probably won't meet you here on earth but let's have a great talk in heaven.My name is Jim Mayer.Looking forward to our future meeting.
  12. Love and blessings, Jim!

    - BM
  13. FROM BONDMAN - 24th March

    I HAVE been extremely busy on a major task - an' that's my excuse an' I'm stickin' to it!! Nar, sorry so long, but I've truly been out of my tree with stuff for the Lord (see below).

    Previous Question: Why should you read my messages? (and I do mean all of them!!!) Isn't the Bible enough?

    Well you'd think it should be, wouldn't you? But who is able to effectively read the New Testament without any help at all, AND understand it? I'd venture to say very few. The Old Testament, where there are stories and things, now THAT'S easier to many!

    Thing is the New Testament, especially as soon as you hit Romans and continue, contains of a lot of doctrine (what we are to believe) and practice (how to get those beliefs into our lives and living). Most of us need help. And lo and behold, the New Testament says that this is a-okay!! As it happens this is actually IN Romans!! Romans Ch 10:14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Paul's saying here that in order to hear, call on Him, and believe in Him, we need a preacher! Yes we certainly could simply give them a Bible and tell them to go read it - but a Believer EXPLAINING it with his mouth, with Holy Spirit power, will always do a pile better!

    Paul again: 1 Corinthians Ch 1:21 For when in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. They come to believe in Jesus via the "foolishness" of preaching! Love it!! It's interesting to me that it's proven that the eye-gate will gather more information than via the ear-gate. Yet God is saying that PREACHING (via the ear-gate) is THE way to spread His Good News. Maybe here with IR messages I'm, well sort of, using both?!! You can read (eye-gate) and take in what I'm "preaching" to you - seeking to give you understanding of what the Bible says.

    Finally, I said to read ALL of my messages. Why is this so CRUCIAL for you? Well do you know a MAJOR thing that very few seem to know - and even fewer actually ever DO - but which Jesus said that you simply MUST do, or you will NOT get to heaven!!! Well if you stop at IR Message #100 you won't get to read this most SERIOUS warning. I spent a lot of time with EVERY message. They are ALL important - or I wouldn't have written them!

    NEXT QUESTION: Do you think that Western Christians have what we may call "stickability?"

    About us: My major task above was to try and find a way to bring in some quick income for a wonderful Godly work in dire need of funds. Took about 4 months like I said - and I did end up finding a couple of investments that would do this - but very sadly we needed money to invest in them that we didn't have (and still don't). I was most upset at my 'failure', but I remember that our God is in charge, and He NEVER makes a mistake.

    Our household is still going, but life is tough *surprise, surprise!!* My Beloved one still doesn't have enough health to be able to manage all the tasks that have to be done. She does them anyway - and pays the price. I help where I can, but it's not enough. I guess we are both slowly winding down insofar as our degree of remaining health is concerned. I believe He WILL heal us. I'm now asking Him if it may be possible for Him to bring forward the date of healing, along with the date of receiving our ministry funds to do things like I wrote above.

    Till next time, blessings from the God of grace and mercy to each one here!!!

    - BM
  14. Hellooooooooooooooo Bondman! I want you to know I continue to pray for you and the Mrs. and I will add the prayers for the funds. My heart tests came back fine.. praise the Lord..and now they are scheduling me to see a vascular surgeon due to the swelling in the lower extremites. they want to check my veins out. My right knee is in horrible way but I cannot have surgery until cleared of all this other stuff. so I too am praying and believing in the healing. I have actually slowed down! how do you like that! Tonight I got my closet cleaned out and lots of clothing to donate. I still have my 26 year old roommate. She has been drug free and alchol free since 2 days before Christmas when she moved in with me.

    We spend a lot of time in the word, studying together and so thankful for what you have taught me.. AND GUESS WHAT.. today is 2 MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF NO NICOTINE! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I have been there before but not for this long.. it is said it is done.. I AM FREE BY THE POWER OF JESUS PEOPLE.. AND I AM LOVING IT! Also today is 2 week anniversary for going to the Y to work out. I am swimming every day now to try and get some of this weight off and get healthy. I am still on streets with Care-A-Van. The Tuesday night group is going great.
    Just wanted to pop in say hi and that I love you and the Mrs...
    God bless!
  15. Hi sweetie! Thanks a bunch for the catch-up. I've prayed daily for every aspect of your post, and so am excited and really rapt by many of your reports: tobacco - great; your roommate, how amazingly wonderful and exciting to see a life rescued like that, and that you continue to read together what God wrote for our guidance; also the results of your heart test AND your swimming regime; and Tuesday meetings still going well. WOW!! "Well, Lord, that sure is a heap of great prayer answers! You are THE Lord! You don't promise us an easy life - but you DO promise You'll be with us always and support us and grow us, and - if we'll cooperate with you - ready us for life with you in eternity."

    Your legs are a matter of concern tho, and of course your poor old knee that is just being left there to play a waiting game... Hope the leg tests give some decent info as to what may be going on. He DOES hear our prayers. He DOES care. He IS the one true God, and His promises always hold good. Keep up all the GREAT work, and we'll keep praying for you.

    Much love and a ton of HUGS!! Say Hi for me to your roommate please!

    - BM

    EDIT: I'll aim to remember to email you an update on our serious dramas here.
  16. FROM BONDMAN - 7th April

    We've been rather overcome with a major drama and problem situation. Because of all the rain here, PLUS a summer that had the highest consistent humidity every day like I don't ever remember, everyone's houses have a mould problem inside. I am highly allergic to mould, and it makes my Beloved ill also. I've already had one serious (life-threatening) asthma attack from the mould and am on high meds to stop having more.

    PROBLEM: there is absolutely no way for us to get rid on the mould! It's in the carpet, the walls, furniture, beds and clothing, even on things made of metal - it's simply everywhere! We have nowhere to shift to, nor is it possible for us to do this even if we could (we're far too ill to do so). Beloved is working every day to shift the worst things out into the garage to try and keep the mould level down a bit lower. We've purchased expensive Air-Purifiers to see if they will help (haven't arrived yet).

    There is no answer but God and the healing He's promised for us. As my FAITH is ALWAYS in Him, I await His promise to me. Please pray for my Lady's energy, pain level, and health. What she's doing is way beyond her ability.

    PREVIOUS QUESTION: Do you think that Westerner Christians have what we may call "stickability?"

    I would have to answer basically no - and it's something that the Word of God speaks about. 2 Thessalonians Ch 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come except there come a Falling Away first; and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. Then in Revelation Ch 3:14ff, where Jesus is speaking of the Laodicean church, we see a picture that many would see as exemplifying the church of the past century - and TODAY - a church of little to no depth, lacking a strong sense of Spirituality, lacking in righteousness and holiness, INSTEAD conformed to, and part of the world, and continually expecting THEIR wants to be fulfilled, even to the point of asking God for them!!

    Without serious commitment and dedication of ALL of our life to God and His clear Words, how can there possibly be any 'stickability?' And when persecution and hardship come, a vast, vast number will fall away: the New Testament says to perdition! Hebrews Ch 10:37 For, “In just a little while, He who is coming will come and will not delay.” 38 And, “But my righteous one will live by faith. And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back.” 39 But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved. Couldn't possibly be more SERIOUS!!

    Unless you are one who is standing out from the crowd, reading and LEARNING how to become a man or woman of true FAITH (my Messages are below, and they WILL help - but NOT if you don't read them all - please, PLEASE feed yourself!!) becoming seriously convicted of your sinful estate in the sight of God and repenting in tears before His throne at your pitiful wretchedness.

    For some more do read posts from HERE to HERE.

    The challenge from the Lord is right before you. Will YOU take it up?

    NEXT QUESTION: You simply MUST be filled with God's Spirit. Do you know how? (Hint: you don't need to be a Pentecostal or Charismatic.)

    My love to each one here!!

    - BM
  17. FROM BONDMAN - 22nd April

    Would you believe we're still cleaning the house of mould!! Many things have had to be thrown out, all the way from some to things from our childhood that were mould riddled. It's been VERY tough on my Beloved with all she's had to do, and still is. In turn my energy level is down about as low as it's ever been, and seems stuck there. For every kind Believer who prays for us in this terrible situation, our heartfelt thankyous!!

    PREVIOUS QUESTION: You simply MUST be filled with God's Spirit. Do you know how? (Hint: you don't need to be a Pentecostal or Charismatic.)

    Many denominations barely even mention the Holy Spirit, much less how to be filled with the Spirit! Yet to be filled is a command of God to all Believers: Ephesians Ch 5:18. And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery; but ever be filled and stimulated with the [Holy] Spirit. We are to be being constantly filled with the Spirit, He commands us. How else can we fully live the Christian life as set forth in the New Testament? - quite IMPOSSIBLE without being Spirit-filled!!

    To be filled requires some prerequisites, i.e., you can't just come to God and ask Him to fill you unless you are living these prerequisites: a) You need to have repented - said sorry to God - for ALL of your sin against Him. Which is an ESSENTIAL for becoming a born again Christian anyway! b) After believing in the Lord Jesus and committing all of the rest of your life to Him, you need to be baptised in water according to God's command. You have then fulfilled all the requirements for being filled (baptised) with the Spirit.

    As Peter said: Acts Ch 2:38 .“Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Okay, someone may say, I did all that but I still don't think I'm filled with the Spirit. Why is this? Here are some possibilities: a) You really are, but don't realise it! b) God commands in the Ephesians verse above that we are to always be being filled. SO... ASK HIM to fill you, and keep on asking! - believing that He is doing just that!! Pray, pray, pray for this!! c) You may not have fully repented of all your sin that you've committed against God, or be failing to continue to do this on a day by day basis. MOST IMPORTANT!! d) You are living in the flesh in your life, e.g., still living a worldly life of materialism, and thus are quenching the Spirit. Quite SERIOUS!! God's command: 1 Thessalonians Ch 5:19. Do not quench the Spirit.

    What happens when you are being daily filled with the Spirit? - you have POWER to live the life the New Testament says we are to lead!! Please do not, repeat NOT, think you can ever live the New Testament Christian life WITHOUT being filled with the Spirit! - this is utterly IMPOSSIBLE!! You will become aware that things that cannot POSSIBLY happen in the flesh are happening in your new life in the Spirit. His Word says that we are to walk in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit, live in the Spirit. Without these you cannot possibly hope to live the life of a true Christian Believer!!

    NEXT QUESTION: As Christian people are we supposed to help others? If so, who? And how?

    Praying for love, joy and peace for you in and by His blessed Spirit!!

    - BM
    EDIT: To those who specially remember His Passion on Good Friday, may it be especially meaningful to you!!
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  18. Hello Bondman and Hello you your wonderful wife!

    It has been ages since I last logged on here and read anything that you have posted (and I wish I had time to go back through things right now but alas I have class in an hour and must leave soon to get some last minute er uh studying done. ;-)). I just wanted to say hello. And kindly ask for some prayer requests if I may - first is for healing about a year ago we lost our first baby soon after finding out we had conceived my heart still breaks whenever I think about my little angel, second is for patience since we are finally emotionally ready to try again and I want things my way on my time, and third is for guidance as this little lamb is finding her way back to a full relationship with God and not just a passing relationship.

    I shall be back later to read over things but for now the outside world is calling.

  19. Just stepping in here, Hisdreamer, to welcome you back. I'm sorry to hear about your baby, that had to have been awful. I'll be praying that things go better this time around. Your third prayer request is the heart cry of the true child of God, be assured that God's arms are opened wide to receive you.
  20. Thankyou for your encouraging post Rumely!

    Amanda and I go way, way back, and it was a surprise and joy for me to read her post and also start a conversation with me!

    My prayer is that together she and I can discover the Lord's way for her to move forward into a really secure and permanent relationship with the One Who loves her so, SO MUCH!!

    - BM

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