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    Blessings to everyone! Life can be full of them, can't it! - and we rejoice and feel really good.! But can also be exactly the opposite... In many places the Apostle Paul showed us how he dealt with such. For example: For I have learned in whatever state I am to be content. Philippians Ch 4:11b. And remember the number of unbelievably rugged experiences he went through!! 2 Corinthians 11:24-28. But he's learned to be CONTENT.

    Beloved has continued the infection and ill-health now for 2 1/2 weeks. The 3rd antibiotic Doc tried her on made her throw-up so badly she had to stop it. It was probably helping too!! Going back to see him on Wednesday. After a long period on the bed, she's now sort of up some of the day. And I have NOT contracted it! "Thank you, dear Lord, for Your mercies!" I am holding reasonably okay.

    Got replacement batteries for Gertie under warranty. The new ones we bought were awful. Eventually I could go to the corner and back and that was about it! With the new ones I went from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue and back, full speed, without even going from the green lights to the orange ones (that tell me about battery charge). Yee-harr!!! Now when God heals us I can give up Gertie and go back to driving our '78 Toyota Cressida!!

    Previous Question: What do you think that you'll actually be doing in eternity? Ever given thought to this? Harps??

    I think we can forget harps!! But what? Just wandering round enjoying ourselves? NO! God gives us clear indications that in eternity we'll be both useful and busy: in the 1,000 reign of Jesus on earth, we'll be governing with Him. Revelation Ch 20:6b. But they [we] shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years! WOW!! How many of us are getting ourselves READY for eternity? Precious few, I'd say! All our learning and experience we gain here WILL be used by God. Think God's going to forget about them? (He's not that silly!)

    And after telling us that we [the saints] will judge the world, 1 Corinthians 6:2, Paul then tells us that we shall also judge angels!! 1 Cor. 6:3. Judge angels? How astonishing is that. Are you ready for these things? The Apostle Paul says in 2 Timothy 2:12 If we suffer [for Christ] THEN we shall reign with Him. So how did he handle suffering? I said above how Paul had learned to be CONTENT: no stressing, no worrying, no 'woe is me', no going into a 'downer' - but trusting GOD and His plans for us.

    With our new glorified bodies no longer restricting us to time and space, I cannot wait to enter eternity!! I hope with all my heart that you are truly ready also!

    Next Question: John 3:16 is a lovely verse and the best known verse in the Bible. Do you think that verse is sufficient to get someone saved?

    Much Jesus love from

    - BM

    I'm still alive, truly! "The reports of his death were greatly exaggerated!" *heehee*

    So sorry for the oh-so-long break. Not an easy time, no way. More below. Meantime...

    Previous Question: John 3:16 is a lovely verse and the best known verse in the Bible. Do you think that verse is sufficient to get someone saved?

    In a word, "NO, but..." it's a verse that can start a person TOWARDS Jesus, but no way get him saved. Why is this? Because salvation is much MORE than this. To start with if a person agrees with, "whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life," what do they understand by the word "believe." CANNOT be a 'head-knowledge' belief. The demons all have that - THEY believe in Jesus!! James Ch 2:19b "The demons also believe, and tremble." And well they SHOULD!! The Amplified Bible gives more info as to the full meaning of 'believe' in the Greek: trusts in, clings to, relies on, is a member of Jesus' party. Believe means all of me becoming His!! Nothing less will do.

    Now few manage to do even this. Yet to get born again as a true Believer much more is required. Jesus full title is "Lord Jesus Christ." So to believe in Him means to believe in: Jesus = Saviour plus Christ = Messiah, the Anointed One, AND Jesus = Lord. That's LORD over all of your life. Nothing less will do!

    Now getting saved and becoming a Believer clearly has various steps and requirements, yet few churches seem to teach them all. Or even be aware of them! (I've never found one!) You should now go and read about four steps called RBBR, starting HERE - and continue on to Part 9 in the Series. Read and do all that's in these 6 messages and your life WILL truly be changed - FOREVER!!! Once again, nothing less will do!!

    I must mention that the above link to The Inner Room messages above is where they've all been transferred to their new home on - by my very special friend Nick in the U.S., and the Russian translation is being done by my dear friends Tania and her Dad in Russia. TrulyNewTestament is not finished yet - such a massive job Nick's done to date - but we believe that in time it will be used by God to bring the glorious Truths of the New Testament to great numbers around the world. The world sure needs this!!!

    Next Question: Of all the things you say to the Lord, what are the few most wonderful words that you love to say to the Him?

    Okay to continue from above. Beloved continued her 'bug' (throat and sinus infection) for 4 long weeks, taking three different anti-antibiotics in that time. Not sure if any helped. Anyway that's one reason I've been away for so long. Sorry about that! She is now finally up and about, and we dare to believe that it has finally gone. We both thank the Lord so MUCH for the fact that I never caught it. But going a month without even so much as once touching each other nearly killed us both anyway!!! Finally having a long, long hug was sooo WONDERFUL!!!

    I'm having a patch where I'm tired a lot (or most) of the time. Man I hate that! I want to get things done, not feeling like I want to go back to bed all the time! Some mornings my head feels like it's been kicked by a horse or something, and I'm not exactly enjoying that either. But not to worry, it's all part of life on this planet! And would I want to swap with the poor folks from Christchurch, New Zealand? Oh how our hearts go out to those who've lost loved ones, and to most who've lost their home and employment. It can be a cruel world - this world that OUR SIN so badly messed up!!!

    You are all in my prayers each day. I want you to really and truly LEARN and GROW - towards MATURITY!!!

    [FONT=arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=#3366ff][FONT=arial]All my love!![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=#3366ff][FONT=arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=#3366ff][FONT=arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=#3366ff][FONT=arial]- BM[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  3. Doing in eternity. My viewpoint has changed dramatically since I have started reading a book by Randy Alcorn called HEAVEN. A quote on the front of the book sums it up"The next time you hear someone say ,We can't begin to imagine what Heaven will be like, you'll be able to tell them, I can."
  4. Doing in eternity. My viewpoint has changed dramatically since I have started reading a book by Randy Alcorn called HEAVEN. A quote on the front of the book sums it up"The next time you hear someone say ,We can't begin to imagine what Heaven will be like, you'll be able to tell them, I can."
  5. Oh thank you, Jim! I'd not come across this book. I listened to Alcorn speaking about it with Greg Laurie which was quite interesting, then 'waded' through a whole 89 reviews of it! - where all raved about it other than about 3 or 4. However I cannot comment one way or the other until we've seriously checked it out, especially as it appears to be a book unlike any other (to help us weigh up and compare his findings and statements).

    Once again, thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    Grace and peace, my friend!!

    - BM
  6. The main thing I enjoy about this book is that it contains alot of scripture.
  7. Yes, I noticed comments about that, which is good! However there was also a comment about him introducing some of his own ideas, being a writer by 'trade' (which can be a trap for any Teacher of the Word). I've ordered the book. We'll aim to read it and then I'll be able to comment.

    Much love!

    - BM
  8. Only half way thru . When completed book I will give my final verdict. I am really enjoying my time with you here on christianforums.If we don't meet here on earth then looking forward to great conversations in Heaven.
  9. Ditto, ditto!!!

    - BM
  10. Pray for me today. At a cross road as to what God wants me to do next.Out of a job ,and bills to pay. Wife and I are very stressed now..
  11. Oh, Jim, I'm so sorry to hear about that! I'm aware that jobs are not necessarily easy to get in the U.S. at the moment.

    When in such a situation as you are now, with bills to pay and no job, stress builds up of course, as part of our humanity. But God IS in charge, and is STILL on His Throne!! Only from Him can we get the comfort that we need. He is totally aware of your needs obviously, and what He wants most is for us to TRUST Him. Probably hard for you both to do currently - not always easy anyway, but the more we do this the easier it gets!

    Prayer for you both and the situation now commenced, and will continue daily! Please PM me with more details of your situation, if you feel comfortable with that - this would make it easier for me to maybe address specific needs. I will also be able to pass your needs to our Online Ekklesia group who will pray for them and you also (they are great pray-ers with much love in their hearts!!)

    Please tell your dear wife that we will help however possible, so she can maybe be a little less stressed.

    Blessings to you both!

    - BM and Beloved
  12. Jim, I will be praying along with BM for the Lord to guide you during these tough times. He is still in charge and knows your every need.

  13. Dear brother Jim
    I also am sorry of hearing of your situation of bills pills up but we know that the Lord is the One who can supply our needs. It cannot be done by the power of human and right now I am praying for you and your situation should be changed by divine provision. Today is day of fasting and prayer for us we are praying the Lord shall provide suffient money to pay bills soon. In Him there is nothing lack LET US TRUST AND OBEY OF WHAT HE SAYS SO THAT IN HIS PROVISION THERE IS PLENTY. NEVER MIND WE ALSO ARE GOING THE SAME SITUATION. BUT WE DO WHAT ASSIGNED TO DO.

  14. I feel the call of GOD to use my skill as a bricklayer and my desire to make disciples in wherever He leads. Am searching for an organization which combines both in short term missions work, short term anywhere from 2weeks - 2months or more. Since I am currently out of work I would prefer a paid position. I hope this is not asking to much.If you know of any organizations let me know. PTL Jim
  15. I'm new to this site- how do I PM you
  16. Jim, you'll laugh at this! I've been on forums all over the place for years, but I've no idea how to PM with this new forum program either, as I've never done it. Searching for it, I'm not sure that there's such a thing! Just email me at and I'll get that no problem.

    - BM
  17. Well they aren't called PM's here their conversations. Just click on the name of the individual you wish to engage in conversation with and then in the window that pops up just click on Start a Conversation in the center of the screen.
  18. I've NEVER understood these conversation-style thingies either! *hangs head* But isn't conversations here open to all to read?

    - BM
  19. No it's still between just those in the conversation. It's just a pm but can be expanded to other participants if desired, but only by invitation from a participant.
  20. I promised that I would check out the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. Before getting it I felt that it was what may be called a populist book (that will suck you in and you'll love reading) and it is; and that Alcorn may be making the sort of assumptions that many do when trying to prove their beliefs about some matter.

    Very sadly these have proven to be true! I could perhaps describe Heaven as a rather 'humanist' book, meaning more human than spiritual. That is, he is wanting to bring down heaven AND God to a place where we can "know and understand everything about them" - this being something that TODAY'S unbelievers and church-goers and even Believers will not only love, but accept, and lap up, as indicated by the myriad of positive reviews on Amazon (with hardly any negative ones). And the real tragedy of that is that the book is so cleverly written that no one could criticise anyone for being 'taken in' by what he's written.

    Randy says his book is all based on Scripture, but it isn't. He says to challenge him if he's wrong. Well he's wrong on so many of his major assumptions, so I DO challenge him!! Instead of a Scriptural basis, he wrote on a humanistic basis, using ASSUMPTIONS to base his beliefs on, then cleverly MOULDING them via human logic into what he claimed was truth - even Scriptural truth!

    But he's got it wrong! Some of the things he claims as 'true' may well be true - or they may NOT be - from Scripture there is absolutely no way to establish which!! FACT: as a Christian Believer we do NOT have to understand everything - only GOD can do that!! All we need is to understand ENOUGH!! - and by reading the Scriptures, and primarily the New Testament, we most certainly CAN understand enough! Hallelujah!!

    My Inner Room messages in toto (which are solely from Scripture to the absolute limit of my abilities!) WILL give any earnest Christian enough for them to:

    :: become fully born again
    :: get filled with the Spirit
    :: learn how to become OBEDIENT to God's commands with the Spirit's help
    :: become truly RIGHTEOUS, living a righteous and godly life in the sight of the living God
    :: and ultimately to grow to maturity in Christ!


    My thanks to my good friend Jim Mayer for bringing this book to our attention! (Our copy will now most likely end up in the bin...)

    - BM and Mrs

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