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Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Bondman, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Wow, lots of wonderful news here!! That's rather exciting to be invited to speak at the Aglow group!

    Your Tuesday group sure is important. I agree that the sharing like from that young lady is certainly a great help to get ones personal problems in perspective!!

    Oh, that's so brilliant to see this new Sister who decided to choose Jesus over herself!! That's a big Whoo-hoo for sure! Thanks so much for putting up the pic, hon!

    I know God will do a lot of good as you go to NY again. Bless His Name!!


    - BM

  2. B & B, major health update - Thu 28

    Beloved has said, "We both have to accept we're no longer young," and she's right. Though she's younger than I am by quite a bit, we're now both "old" insofar as our bodies are concerned, and after seeing the Doc we suspect her body is now 'older' than mine. (None of this is 'negative', just factual.)

    Doc has taken a lot of steps to try and keep her going: a CT scan of course to check out any damage. Working to get her blood pressure down. V. expensive Meds to reduce cholesterol. A 'different' aspirin (doesn't affect the stomach) to take daily. And he's put her on HRT. PLUS if she has another TUI, I am to immediately ring the ambulance cos they have OXYGEN, and encourage her to breathe deeply meantime.

    She was born dead, got v. serious Rheumatic Fever at 7, and probably Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then also: she's really never had a chance! Expected not to live past 7, she struggled to get to school for about half of the time, but as she was still surviving, it was then extended to 15. Later, they made it 30 maximum. She's way past that now, which is amazing, but maybe it's catching up on her at last.


    Does she look like I've described? No, she never does!

    I'm also having quite a bad time. Each day I'm just too tired and 'down' in body (not in Spirit!) to be getting anything done at all. Don't really know why, but that's what Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is like: we never get to run our lives, IT does! - and constantly changing...

    Does any of this sound like healing and funding may be soon? Well, funding is the closest it's ever been in many, many years, and I've always felt that they may come more or less together. God IS faithful!

    Once again thankyou so very much for your love, care, prayers. I shudder to think what life would be like without your faithfulness!!

    All of our LOVE!!

    - BM and his Beloved
  3. BM...thank you for this very personal look at your beloved and your health; and life. I hate it that your both so ill of health but love how you've bonded together and how your faith has strengthened in the Lord because of it; it seems. God is always faithful and so shall I be as I continue to petition our Lord for both your healing. Perhaps you're right that both the healing and the funding will come together. Whatever the Lords plan I know that you will still give Him the praise. That's uplifting and a real testimony of your life in Him.

    Blessings to you both. Pray for rest, for healing, for strength for your ministry here on earth and health and funding to continue. Your work isn't done yet.

    Love you both very much. Your friendship means so much to me.
  4. Reaching Higher #69


    Quick Guide to Successful Daily Christian Living

    1. Few Western Christians live this one out (or even realise it's true!): this world is simply our training ground. We must STOP treating it as if it's an end in itself. It's just too easy to do this! Here's my life. I have this and this to do today. And very soon we're living as if this life is ALL THERE IS!! ONLY YOU can change this. God won't do it for you. It's a change of heart, and a change of perspective, and a change of focus, and a MAJOR change in looking at where we're going!! - PRETTY SOON TOO!! May feel like years away - but they will quickly be gone! That is, LIVE FOR ETERNITY, not for EARTHLY LIVING.

    2. Live one day at a time like Jesus advised. Matthew Ch 6:34a So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow. This applies to above also. If you start living as if today is your final one here - then don't you reckon that this will change A WHOLE GREAT PILE OF THINGS!!! You'll change your thinking and attitude to start with. You'll change you habits and living next. And you'll soon become mightily LESS worldly, that's for certain!!! I can tell you from my experience that you'll also become more relaxed, and much less worrisome!!

    Have a good look around you RIGHT NOW. Can't take a single thing of that with you!! Next, check each thing: which of them can you write down on a LIST as HELPFUL to your life in eternity with the Lord? You may find that hardly anything is of any value for then at all! PLEASE TAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF THIS. Change your thinking: consider the lounge suite and most other possessions as just things that have a temporary TEMPORAL PURPOSE, but otherwise have no value at all!!

    3. After Jesus has returned, we have 1,000 years when we will reign with Him on the earth. Start CHANGING YOUR THINKING today for THAT amazing life! You'll have your new bodies, and be 'eternal' - even though living on earth. You'll "outlive" the regular people you have care over! Because if we're going to reign with Him, then seems to me that we'll have tasks and responsibilities!! Start honing your abilities NOW to be ready for THEN!! For example, I am a leader, so I spend time considering how I can lead people for that thousand years. Your giftings will be different. Consider them and start honing and growing them NOW!!

    Follow this, and it will slowly change your thinking, attitudes, and life - for the better!! Bless you greatly as you begin this wonderful change!!!

    - BM, with his Lady

  5. Thankyou my friend! Yes, not easy at all to share stuff like that for the world to see... We have always been very close and completely supportive of each other constantly - God, of course, knew what our future needs would be, and it was HE Who set it all up like this! He's soooo amazing!!

    To me, it's SO essential that we give Him all praise with our lips and life for every situation we find ourselves in.

    Ditto for how much we love you and your friendship!!!

    - BM
  6. Gems #22


    And also help Him to relate back to you better!!

    The serious Christian will:

    1) Continually be watching out for sin he commits, to try and be aware of it.

    2) Confess it as soon as he DOES become aware! If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John Ch 1:9 It is VERY important to note here that forgiveness is NOT dependent on us confessing a sin - but the serious Christian is the one who DOES confess anyway!!

    Rather, this verse is about relationship. Because he WANTS TO, the serious Christian will be confessing sin which God has long since all forgiven back when Jesus died on Calvary - so that He COULD justly DO exactly this!! CONSIDER: if forgiveness depended on confession, then we'd have to be confessing right up to the moment of our death, and making quite CERTAIN we didn't miss any!!! - obviously such a thought is pure foolishness.

    3) Saying SORRY for sin and earnestly repenting of it. The serious Christian wants nothing less than ALL of his sin that he's EVER committed fully REPENTED of! He makes request to God for the Spirit to keep telling him of past sin that he's not even realised that he's not ever repented of!!

    4) He will become more and more honest with himself about sin that he's previously justified as okay. Thus he'll actually be lying less to himself and less to God! And he will also confess and repent of this previously justified lying! (Just a couple of days ago the Lord brought to me the remembrance of a business situation about 25 yrs ago where I justified what I was doing and saying, not meaning to yet effectively misleading others for my own ends - sad but true!! NOW fully repented of - but I cannot undo the situation...)

    God bless you greatly as you get into more and more REPENTANCE!! Love from,

    - BM, with his Lady

  7. B & B THANKYOU + More - Sun 31

    Hello to you all! The response to the previous update has been AMAZING!!! Once again you've shown that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!!

    To explain so you can understand clearly how this all works - this further miracle again shows that that your prayers will achieve prayer miracles when the situation is serious, such as when my Beloved had a serious operation, and now again after I wrote about her mini-stroke last week. That is, EXTRA SERIOUSNESS apparently brings more people into prayer, and/or MORE earnest and serious praying. It really is as clear as that!! Because TWICE NOW, as a direct result of group prayer and group faith, ENOUGH people prayed in FAITH that God was able to produce numbers of miracles!!! WOW!!!!

    Coming up for me will be going to see a Surgeon to talk to him about HOW we can manage to fix cataracts in both eyes from progressing towards blindness enough to stop my work here (v. fast growing in my left eye) - the Op. for this being BEYOND my physical abilities!! I will let you know when this will be starting.

    She is doing so much better than we expected - because of your prayers!! Getting the new Meds all started and working will be just like her RECUPERATION TIME from the Operation: will take time, and could be quite disastrous if something goes badly wrong. She has little resilience as a result of the mini-stroke (yet is managing so well because of your prayers!!!) She will get the results of the CT scan of her brain, and the Doppler of neck vessels this week.

    We're both v. tired all the time - correction it's now just me who's still v. tired (no doubt effects of stress), and because of this I'm finding it VERY hard to keep going with The IR, emails, etc. Without Nick's wonderful help and support, I'd be in a much worse mess.

    Enough for now. More updating when I have new things for you. THANKYOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!! SUPERB JOB!! Much LOVE from us both!!

    - BM and Mrs
  8. Awesome messages Bondman.. I had withdrawal from not being fed from your spirit while gone away on my trip! It was amazing and a life changing experience. I have so much to write about. but I did write an article for the local paper you can all see here:

    God is sooooooooo good! and I love your messages. Keeping you and the Mrs. in prayer!
  9. Oh wow, hon, I read and viewed the material in the local paper, all so mind-boggling, and suggest everyone does the same. Here's the link again:

    This is a absolutely MAJOR effort by a lot of caring and selfless Christian folk to go out to find and offer help to THOSE IN NEED!!!

    This is one of our TWO great callings in Jesus!! Ones we MUST be doing (in one way or another) else our love for Him is NOT what we say and think that it is...

    Great post, sweetie! Thankyou so much for sharing with us all (and your lovely words)!!


    - BM
  10. Such an awesome ministry. Those in need often go overlooked except for a few. I'm so glad such a concentrated ministry is working there.

    I reviewed the article also. Marvelous. Praise the Lord!

    Praying for you and the ministry team(s) Robin. God Bless.
  11. Gems #23


    It's been described as the longest possible distance for a Christian to span, and the greatest distance to negotiate - the 1ft (30cm) distance from your head to your heart!! Some of you will instantly know what I'm talking about: clear as a bell you KNOW and understand the TRUTH in your HEAD - but HOW to get it into PRACTICE in your LIFE?? Oh, it can be soooo frustrating!!!

    FACT: we will always know more than we're yet managing to live out. This is mostly fine. FACT: every single thing we DO and live as a Believer we first had to learn and understand - in our HEAD!! Okay it's certainly not a terribly good idea to overtax yourself by stacking up a great pile of knowledge in your head that you're not living. Nonetheless, NEVER stop learning - as there's is no other route to get you started towards maturity in Christ.

    So what's the problem here? Well, ultimately have simply MUST get into our life, put into practice, what we've learnt. FAILURE to do this can mean a Christian who KNOWS it all, but lives out so LITTLE of it!! Let not that Christian think that God is pleased with him nor will give him great REWARD in heaven!! Practical James, as usual, puts this clear as we could possibly want: But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. James Ch 1:22

    James is saying that the non-doer is deceiving himself. Wow, that's SERIOUS! So set yourself to LIVE IT!! But one step at a time, okay, so you don't wipe yourself out! If you don't succeed at first, then do keep trying, but you may also want to consider (though NOT always the right way) moving to something else that you already KNOW and work at getting that into your life! Later come back to the first one.

    In all of this you have a wondrous ally - the Spirit of the Living God!! Without Him nothing is ever going to happen in your Christian life. In Part 2 we'll look at how to make the very best use of His help!

    Continued in Part 2, "The Holy Spirit's Part in 'Head and Heart'"...

    - BM, with his Lady


  12. Wow Bondman, great message.. yep one step at a time, I look back and you know me, I was trying to do it all at once! I overwhelmed myself.. today I try to take one thing at a time. I really search my motives as well now, am I really doing this to please the Lord and live as he called me to, or is there self motive behind it.

    What I have learned also is not to expect things, ie. well if I do this, the Lord will give me this. no that is not why we live for the Lord or do the things we do.. however, when we live for him and the righteous life, we do receive blesssings in so many ways.
    Last night I got a blessing.
    One of my women came to group and brought me 3x5 cards with scripture on it , to help me continue to learn scripture.
    She also wrote me a poem
    I prayed for you
    I asked the Lord to give you strength
    When you are weary
    To comfort you
    When you are hurting
    To give you rest
    When you are tired
    To fill you with his joy and peace
    But most of all
    I asked the Lord
    To bless your life
    The way you have blessed me!

    Wow it blew me away. I framed it and it sits above my computer along with pics and other little mementos that other women have given me. These blessings are a great reminder from the Lord , that I am right where he wants me. Here in this awesome place he has blessed me with. We talked when I took her home last night. about where Jesus has brought us. If I had not been obedient to the Lord and kept on striving to live for him, I would still be caught up in the muck and mire of life, with all the wonderings of what if's of life.

    I get sorrowful now and then, my fleshly side does at times , thinking what about me.. whoooooooaaaaaa it is not about me. He will provide and comfort me and provide for me.. those people that do not take it from the head to the heart are only continuing in so much pain that that they do not even realize. They may think they are happy while caught up in sin.. but ultimately as they allow the light to burn brighter and travel that extra 1 feet to the heart, they will be so much more blessed and will feel such peace and joy.
    Blessings to you and the Mrs.

  13. Bondman

    Here is a video I took of us heading into the city in the NY City Relief Van You will hear me praying.

    Also here is one of us heading to the subway

    You will hear in my voice how I excited I was to be there.. May we all stay on fire our Lord Jesus

  14. What a wonderful post #2692, dear heart!

    I love the poem she gave you. Like you said we do not live our life looking for blessings. No way! Yet as God wills it we may receive such a one as that poem!! To search our motives to see how much of 'me' may be in them is great wisdom!

    Isn't it good to learn that it's NOT all going to happen at once! Goodness, if it did, our earthly frame could not handle it. One step at a time, one day at a time. We will not be slack, but we do not try, nor expect to get to be like Jesus by tomorrow! Sounds like you are getting a pretty good balance between these two. Good work!


    - BM
  15. Wonderful and most uplifting, hon. People caring for those in need because of their love for you! Once God heals us we both want to start caring for the NEEDY also, following in some way in the footsteps of Care-a-Van!!

    Thankyou for sharing with us.

    Lotsa love!

    - BM
  16. Keep the messages coming Bondman!
    Keeping you in prayer!
  17. Will do my best; and thankyou, hon!!

    - BM
  18. Gems #24


    R.G. LeTourneau, the inventive genius responsible for great and fast earthmovers like those which scoop up a great wad of earth from one place and deliver it to another place, all at full speed, was one of God's men - and ended with such a fortune that he REVERSE TITHED, i.e., gave God 9/10ths and kept 1/10!! Then he complained that 1/10 was too much and gave some of THAT to the Lord!!

    He said in his book Mover of Men and Mountains ** that he was a partner with God, and as I remember it was a 50:50 partnership. I would never dare to criticise this amazing man, but do think an equal partnership with the Lord is much too high. I've previously spoken of a 1:99 partnership of me to God. Maybe that's too far the other way! For now, shall we settle on 5:95 - because I've PROVEN over and over in my life that there can be SO LITTLE that I actually need to do!!

    EXAMPLE: I want to love a person but have found it impossible to do so.I come to the 5% which will be my part towards getting this sorted. What I do FIRSTLY is decide that I'm really DETERMINED to get this done, then SECONDLY simply make a genuine decision of the WILL that I truly DO want to love them! RESULT: the Holy Spirit works to give me the ability to DO it! But He did the MAJOR part of 95%!!

    You are a properly Born Again Christian, so in you dwells the Holy Spirit of God!! - else you cannot be born again!! FACT: because of this wondrous truth, we do NOT need to be a "Christian struggler"!! Actually it's highly counter-productive to do so, as in my love example above.

    That is, I could STILL be struggling so hard to love this unlovable person - and getting precisely nowhere! When I admit to the Lord God that I cannot do this, but tell Him how deadly earnest I am about this happening - the Holy Spirit comes to my aid, and via my TRUST in Him, it may not be immediate, but it WILL happen!! I describe it like this: I take 5 pathetic steps towards Him; He then takes 95 powerful steps towards me - to meet my needs! Absolutely WONDERFUL!!

    - BM, with his Lady

    ** Great read! Very cheap from on Amazon (used from $1.21).

  19. Latest B & B - Sun 7

    Oh, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! While this week has been really tough for Beloved of course, I am nonetheless astonished at how well she's been managing. She should have been doing quite poorly. Nope, she's NOTl!! PRAYER sure does WORK!!! "I love it so much, Lord Jesus, that when Your people seriously pray cos they love You, then miracles DO happen!! THANKYOU!!!"

    SO... we need to get high blood pressure down (and stabilised too - it's currently all over the place!!). Cholesterol down also. And her hormones NOT to go all haywire!! Meds now started for the last two. Doc and her agreed that TWO new things are more than enough, so leaving her BP Meds the same for now. (The Cholesterol is treated with Krill Oil would you believe!)

    Now what would normally happen with TWO Med changes would be utter chaos in her life from myriad body reactions - an absolute mess... (NO exaggeration!) But God is able, isn't He!!

    I'm fairly relaxed, praise God! My brother Nick is still relieving me of so many bits and pieces that I'm slowly calming down or something - probably allowing myself to keep going at a much less stressful pace. It's truly lovely, and I thank my God for Nick!!

    Thankyou for your continued amazing care and love!! If no Update during the week, you'll know what God is doing *smile* - and I'll see you again next Sunday!! All our love and many, many blessings!!

    - BM, with his lady
  20. God IS able. Praise the Lord! You two are such a blessing! Such a spirit of love of our LORD. Many would be wining and your PRAISING. Makes you want to shout HALLELUJAH!!! Oops....I just did. *smile*

    Blessings to you both. I love you but more important GOD LOVES YOU!!! Yeah!!

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