The Importance of Memory in Relationships

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  1. The Importance of Memory in Relationships
    It is important for us to remember the great and good events that have happened in our lives. These events can keep us through hard times and can help us to cut through whatever new storms life brings. The great events aren’t made for you to forget them but to help get you through life.
    At a time when King David of Israel was still running from the hand of King Saul, he began to act like a mad man in front of the king of Gath because he feared being killed in that country. Because of this one great event when the Lord delivered him from death that day, David wrote Psalms 34, making another lifetime commitment saying “I will bless the Lord at ALL times, his praises shall continually be in my mouth” I don’t doubt that this was definitely one of the great events in David’s life from God, that he always remembered to help get him through the rest of his life.
    The plot to desecrate our good memory
    Many times relationships are broken up because no one in the relationship wants to remember the good events that helped to start and keep the relationship. We get stuck meditating on the present pains instead of remembering the good things that would keep our relationship going… but when the relationship is finally broken many times the devil allows the memories of the good times to finally come to the forefront of our mind. He didn’t want you to remember it during the arguments. He hindered the passionate positive memories during our game of malice and silence. Satan would allow the good memories to come when we are finally separated because he wants to bring us on a guilt trip as we finally realize what we lost, or he wants to DESECRATE the memory of those events. He desecrates the memory of those events by telling us that we were never truly loved or appreciated by the person that failed us, and that it was all just a game with our emotions. This is to build hatred and heavy resentments about the person. But what if the person truly did love us and just failed because of the devils temptations? St. Peter truly loved Jesus, but he failed him when he denied Jesus 3 times, but the Master didn’t throw him away Luke 22:61, Mark 16:7. Many times it’s through the good events we have experienced with a person that we open our secrets to them, but we have to realize that we are all capable of failing each other, no matter how great and passionate the good events are that we can experience together.
    Why it hurts so much
    The closer we are to a person is the more painful it is to be betrayed by them, because the more we share with them is the less we expect them to hurt us, and therefore we lower our guards concerning them.
    You choose the effects of the memory
    You can choose to believe that the good memories of the past were phony, but you can also choose to believe that they were real. If we choose to believe that they were real then we’ll realize that there may be hope, but when we disown them we are saying for sure that there is no hope. These memories can drive us to be angrier than before (“how could she/he, after all we’ve been through?”), they can cause more tears (“Ouch, I can’t believe they did that”), but they can also spark the hope of seeing a better day (“Maybe there is a chance”), but sometimes we’ll only have the good memories instead of the person to keep us going, because the opportunities of restoring what we once had are completely closed off (“maybe there was a chance, but I can’t live longing for what I lost anymore. I have to shake myself off and move on with my life”)…
    Time limits to relationships
    Some people are only supposed to be in our lives for certain amounts of time, but don’t let it be a time frame that you have chosen. Instead let it be a time through what ever circumstance GOD has chosen…
    Level of relationships
    The more positive and important the events are that we experience together is the stronger the relationship becomes.
    Sometimes it’s subconscious
    Sometimes people may not remember the exact event that others have done in their life to help them, but when they see those good people they’ll remember that there is something good about them. And the same thing applies to wicked people… So remember to do as much good as you can. This is brother Peter Mitchell speaking by the Mouth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless
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