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  1. So what effects does it have to ignore someone? Are you able to see their posts on other threads? Are they able to see your posts? Will they be notified that they are being ignored? Can you or them still click the agree/disagree etc. buttons on each other's posts? Can you still be part of a thread that the ignored or ignoring party has commented on?

    Thanks for clarifying!
  2. no, ignore button does not stop a person from rating you post, you just wont get an alert for it.

    I am pretty sure it stops you from seeing their posts in all threads.

    are they able to see your post?

    I think so
    will they get notifications?

    I have never received one, but I did remember MichaelH mentioned once that some people on this forum get paranoid about him putting them on ignore list, so maybe.
  3. I've not used the ignore system here but I've not found that sort of thing particularly useful in the past. The problem is that others reply to the person you are ignoring. This can mean you get to see what you are hoping to filter out as quotes. Alternatively, you can find that threads don't make a whole lot of sense because of the missing posts.
  4. Anyone who has ignored me please show yourself now.
  5. With a little self-control you can just ignore folks without the button.. After a while you kind know what folks are going to say anyway...:)
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  6. Now the thread is going to be flooded with replies!!
  7. If you want to be childish, you can use the ignore feature.
    You can still view an ignored post if you want which case why would you use ignore in the first place????
    In addition, what Mitspa said is pretty much on the ball IMNSHO.
    Really the use of the ignore feature is just plain childish and IMO should be removed from the forum 'in Loco Parentis'

    Wonder how many Ignores this post will earn for me?:cry:
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  8. I ignore people on occasion. It's usually just for a limited time and for people that can't seem to help but insult others. I see it as removing people that will cause me unneeded stress. I think it's childish to ignore someone that you disagree with, but I don't think that's really the point. If I know I can't have a conversation with certain people then why bother talking to them at all?
  9. Yes I agree.. Thats how I know every time you talk it sooner or later your hate for California, or frog legs are going to come up :LOL:
  10. Surely it isn't childish just to want peace from someone that you can't stand, right? I mean, I totally think that people should try to patch up and get along if at all possible, but it seems to me that sometimes that's just not an option. Sometimes I think it's better to cast aside a divisive person rather than tolerate their trolling forever. What do you think, Brother?
  11. It makes no sense to me to put someone on ignore.
  12. Lets also consider that the truth cuts at folks, sometimes... I have people praise me for standing for the truth on certain issues and other people claiming Im a trouble maker in some way? People think different and express themselves in different ways and when the issue of eternal truth and Gods Word is being discussed, folks are going to be offended. "think not that I came to bring peace, but a sword" and the Word of God is it should not surprise us that these forums can be kinda ugly sometimes. These issues we discuss have caused GREAT Wars and people have killed one another over these there are going to be some hard feelings but hopefully at the end of the day, we can all answer to the Lord in a clear conscience?
  13. There are two choices a member can take on this forum

    1 consistent get personal and nasty with other members and remain unapologetic about it for simply holding a different view.


    2 chose to ignore the other person post.

    to me , it is crystal clear with one is the more mature option by far.

    and I am not worried about the number of potential dislike I am going to get for this post.

    as my conscience is clear when it comes this as I know God is on my side on this one, or rather, I chose to be on His.

    no where in the scripture condone bully like behaviours.
  14. Well spoken, Brother.
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