The horns of the alter

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  1. The horns of the alter

    Exo 27:2 And thou shalt make the horns of it upon the four corners thereof: his horns shall be of the same: and thou shalt overlay it with brass.
    God gave Moses exact plans and specifications to build the Tabernacle and this place of sacrifice, worship and service was a picture, type and shadow of Christ sacrifice as the Lamb of God . Any other way to approach God was met with one judgment and that was death. Strange fire was also punished by death. Only the fire of God's own judgment was acceptable and any other attempt to substitute man's effort resulted in- you guessed it death. The Tabernacle as already discussed was plainly demonstrating Christ as the only way to God and that fact holds true today.
    The first step into the Tabernacle was the brazen alter. Bronze or brass always signified judgment and here the sacrifice must be placed. The blood was spilled and the fire of God's alter would consume the flesh. Freshly killed the nerves in this sacrifice would sometimes cause the flesh to convulse as it hit the searing heat and thus the horns. The sacrifice could literally be tied to the alter to keep it from flopping off much as our flesh tries to do even today.
    Only two metals would ever come in contact with the flesh- brass (judgment) and/ or silver (redemption).
  2. This is awesome, informative, interesting and scary, all at the same time!:) I loved reading it! What a revelation!

  3. Dying to the flesh is always scary and yet always beneficial. It is only in that death to old self that peace and life are truly found.
  4. But, how do you accomplish dying to the self, Bo? Do you have to continually do it? I had peace once.
  5. Go back to were you found your peace sis. In absolute surrender to the Holy Spirit. He leads, guides, empowers, directs, teaches and otherwise reveals all truth to us. There is an old saying- to many cooks spoil the pot- allow Him to be the Chef who makes a masterpiece out of your life. In His arms are rest, strength and joy.
    Laying down our lives, picking up our cross, dying daily to self- these all seem daunting and yet in His power they flow quite naturally. One step away from that and we find the chaos the is the flesh and it's unruly nature.
    What does it all boil down to? Choices. Good or bad choices become habits, habits become lifestyles and lifestyles become who we are.
    So lets just decide to fix our eyes on Him instead of our circumstances. Let's fix our hearts on Him and let Him become the center of our lives again.
    Let us be in constant remembrance that the mighty Spirit of the Living God is with us always. If we but stay aware of His presence will we not walk quite differently. Would we give a lustful look in front of God? Would we do less then our best at work if He were standing there in front of us?Would we demonstrate a less than loving atmosphere towards one He created in front of His gaze? Would we wallow in self pity or stand in faith if we saw His manifest glory around us? I am preaching to myself sis but the fact remains- God is with us every moment of our existence- let us remember the One who loves us most and honor Him with our choices.

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