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The Holy One Of Israel

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by freedom07, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Thanks for that freedom. I'm bookmarking that for future reference. Lots of info there.:D:)
  2. Dunno, it looks a bit simplistic to me. Eg it says that Jesus “was not a descendant of Adam (see Matthew 1:20).” Yet Lk.3:38 says otherwise. I think that much proof-texting fails the first few hurdles as we like to be selective to our control beliefs.

    In the early centuries many said he was not human, & many said he was not deity. Both ‘sides’ proof-texted. How to put his uniqueness into analytical thought was formulated into trinitarianism, which argued from texts from both ‘sides’ that he was both God & man. Likewise Mt.1:20 & Lk.3:38 fit the fact that in one respect (spiritually) he was not from Adam, while in another respect (genetically) he was. Paul called him the Second Adam.

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