The Holy Ghost

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  1. The Holy Ghost

    I find that praying to the Holy Ghost, praising Gods great name and Jesus is a wonderful thing to do. I think if more people just attempted to pray to the Holy Ghost and felt Gods prescence there would be more believers.

    Opinions :)
  2. Well, the Holy Ghost is God's spirit that dwells within us when we have salvation.
    I always pray to God in the name of his son.
  3. While I don't believe God is jealous of Himself (and all three are Himself) God has directed us to pray to the Father in Jesus Name - the Holy Spirit not only indwells us but walks beside us, teaches, empowers and guide us and we are instructed to fellowship with the Spirit, pray in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit- it is He who reveals the Father and Jesus to us- it is He who helps us to pray- it is He who reveals God's Word and will for our lives- if you fellowship with the Holy Ghost you will know the Father and the Son and your life will bring honor and glory to God's holy Name- many blessings- your brother Larry

  4. I know, I was talking about what the lady in the background was doing in this picture.

  5. 1Ti 2:8 I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.

    I see what you were trying to say- sometimes the lifting of the hands can signify surrender and other times it can represent us as a child wanting to be picked up and held by his Father :D- either way it is an expression of love and adoration!
  6. I agree.
    That is one thing I do not like about the church we have attended.
    No one ever raises their arms in praise.
    The Pastor told me if I ever spoke in tongues they all would probably think it was of the devil!
  7. Personally I think it can be detrimental to rely too heavily on "feelings", these are subjective and really only relevant to the person having the feeling.
    We need to do a lot more than "pray and feel"...they do that in Eastern mystical cults just as well.

    An active and concerted effort to conform our lives to emulate God will more likely result in a changed life; that is the greatest testimony of all, and one that cannot be taken from you unless you choose to surrender it. I'm not advocating works regarding salvation, but it's what we do after salvation that proves it to be genuine. I believe this is the point James was trying to convey when he stated that "faith without works is dead".

    We have churches FULL of people who raise their arms, sing it loud, speak with tongues.......then go to lunch, make a public display of praying over their food, and proceed to bad mouth everybody else in town who isn't currently sitting at the table with them. :eek:
  8. I have to agree because I have witnessed this myself, too many times.
    I won't put up with gossip or badmouthing which is probably why I don't have many friends.
    But I am satisfied where I stand on the issue.

    Also, not every person who visibly worships is like this either!

    I can probably guess what church you came from:D

    The same one I left.
  9. Yes, of course, we should not presume to judge anyone based on their worship style...or anything else for that matter.
  10. Please don't think I was being rude.
    I was brought in in a particular denomination and after seeing so much gossip and hypocracy, I left.
  11. how do you speak in tongues violet?what is this ?
  12. Not in the least ;) Been the t-shirt
  13. I may not be the best one to explain this.
    Tongues is God's spirit speaking through you, verbally.
    Some believe it is a gift and some believe it is evidence of salvation.
    All I will say is that Thomas implied that not all followers would speak in tongues as not all will have the gift of prophesy, etc.....
  14. Wasn't brought up in pentacostal or charasmatic. But, I did willingly attend services for a while when i was first saved. While the churches I went to were very friendly to me, despite how "evil" I looked, they never let me forget that I didn't belong there dressed like I was. Often making a point of how the Spirit was "directing" them to "someone" in the room or something like that.

    I'm pretty sensitive to His calling. I don't question, even for a second, when i feel that God wants me to do something, or when God is working with someone's heart. But there...I felt nothing. Could have been sitting at work and had a better experience. Just felt like they were trying to "summon" God. Felt a bit TOO much like the wiccan and druid seremonies I had visited in the past. Felt fake.

    I won't go so far as to say that the whole religion is tweaked, or even that those particular congregations were lost. But they were far too concerned with their own sets of rules and rituals to really KNOW God IMO.

    What i found most interesting, was one conversation with a lady at the last place I visited. I hated going there, but I sincerly felt that God had a purpose in sending me there (long, kinda sad story). But one lady pulled me aside and asked why i dress the way I do. Because they don't "believe" in wearing black, or jewelry (I have 6 piercings), or long hair, or anything like that. My response was simply that I came to Christ as I was and if He gives me even the slightest hint that he doesn't want me to dress like this anymore, I'd stop. I have more reasons, but for the sake of this conversation, that was the important one to focus on. Because her response, was "but our church doesn't believe in any of that, and you look ... (she actually looked around and whispered this part quietly) ... like a goth."

    That statement told me a lot. She was much more concerned with what THEY believed, the rules of their church, than with the calling of the Holy Spirit. I don't care that she didn't understand what a goth was to begin with, though I found it amusing as I always do. But to her, the Holy Spirit was secondary, because I repeatedly told her, if I'm the least bit convicted about it, I will change. I had dropped a number of things when I came to Christ and I have never looked back. Taking out a few piercings and cutting my hair wouldn't have been as big as many of the others.
  15. I believe you will be able to speak in tongues once God had decided you can haha

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