The Heart Of Forgiveness

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  1. To forgive is to wipe-off the offenses of our offenders. In order to wipe-off the offenses the offenders must reject sin. Since, only the spirit of God’s love will enable us to reject sin, we must enable our offenders to embrace this spirit by expressing God’s love and compassion towards them. We must always remember that when we sinned God did not condemn us. Instead, by his sacrifice on the cross he instilled the spirit of true love in our hearts; which enables us to reject sin and accept forgiveness. Therefore, we must never refuse to forgive others; because when we refuse to forgive, we reject the spirit of God’s love and the forgiveness that comes from it.
  2. Amen.As God is full of mercy and forgives, as those who have been forgiven why can't we then extend the same and forgive others. It protects us. God is our vindicator. But He commands us to forgive and pray for our enemies.Yes, God is love and we must walk in that love that comes through the Holy Spirit.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with what the OP is saying. But in my mind, forgiveness is a blessing you give yourself. To carry hatred and revenge against another hurts/twists/scars an individual's spiritual journey and it's too important to let another person's sin speak so loud in your own life.
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  4. Absolutely. What's the OP?
  5. Sorry - OP=opening post.
  6. No I'm sorry. It always happens to me ,i ask something ridiculous. Being new is no excuse but thanks for enlightening me.
  7. No worries - it was one of the first questions I asked. And I am of the school that there is no stupid questions when you talk about God ;)
  8. Forgiveness is the glue that holds relationships together.
  9. I find that true in my own life. Sometimes though there is a time when one has to walk away. It s one thing to forgive but not putting yourself in the firing line for more mistreatment. On the other hand some relationships less extreme can be forgiven on a daily basis.
  10. I find that the more one offends another, the more the other has to extend their love through forgiveness to hold the relationship together. And when a person says they are sorry, it generally means that will not do it again. I think it is wise for us to show our heavenly family that we do not want to be a devil and try to stop sinning as much as possible. And where we fall short, and surely we will, to ask for forgiveness.
  11. Hi, some people are not like that though are they? They are not sorry, they don't care how they treat others. They can say terrible things and act atrociously towards another without a care in the world. They probably have experienced much pain themselves but they inflict that pain on others without a thought for the other person.They have no forgiveness, they hold grudges over the slightest thing. It's horrible. It is not always a good thing to hold a relationship together.
  12. I don't think God wants doormats, any more than He wants robots. Forgiveness is for the self, so we will not linger in the hurt another's sin has caused us. You have to weigh whether the person is really sorry for what they did, that they recognize what they did, and will not continue as to whether a relationship remains. The one sinned against has to recognize what responsibility they have in contributing to the sin.
  13. I agree. The one person doesn't acknowledge responsibility for their own actions and the other person is just as much blame for either tolerating another's bad behaviour and / or not quite living the way they should be. Basically i came to Christ and still tried to work it out with an unbeliever who would'nt be willing to convert. I tried to help the other person even though i had to help myself. I ended up on the edge of losing it mentally and i did actually. I felt torn i was almost like a slave, groomed,lost all my dreams and hope in life, drank to cope with abuse, was scared of hell and know now that that was where i was going or so it felt like. I ws in darkness. Eventually it took for my pastor to say he was no good for me to confirm myself a
  14. And give me strength. It was so confusing a time. I look back and can't believe my stupidity in the first place. I've had to suffer the consequences for going through those things. He could have killed me and i still was with him although at the back of my mind i would've gone if the right opportunity was there but it was just all a mess.
  15. I don't think it's stupid to love. We do have to realize that some have no or little capacity to love or return it, especially nonbelievers.
  16. There are psychopaths in the world. The devil is a psychopath. It is the human condition that we are evil and wicked without God in the afterlife and thus in ruins. And yet, the devil knowing all this wants us in hell with him doing his will (evil) for all of eternity. The devil does not care about us. May the Lord deliver us all from the Evil One. Amen.
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