The Greatest of all Heartbreaks?

Discussion in 'Literature and Poetry' started by Mark_18, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. The Greatest of all Heartbreaks?

    I felt alone.
    Like I lost all faith.
    Had nothing and nobody to turn to.
    Felt there was no visible truth.
    I was cold.
    I was scared.
    Everything around me looked different.
    It hurt in the deepest of depths.
    This experience was,
    in it's truest form,
    a broken heart.

    Leaving God for a minute left me heart-broken in the truest of forms.

    The term heartbreak has been redefined in my mind. What greater heartbreak than that experienced when one truely thinks they are without God?

    I'm still unclear if it was me "leaving" God or "leaving" Jesus. I can't seem to feel the presence of God without accepting Jesus.
  2. The Oil was not allowed where the Blood was not applied. No Jesus= No Holy Spirit. Do not fear He is just a whisper away my prodigal friend. Just turn around and you will find your Father waiting on the highway for His son to return.
  3. We are nothing without Him~

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