The Great Chili eatin Ghost chili

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  1. The Great Chili eatin Ghost chili

    Very PAINFUL indeed! but it tastes good :smiley10: I finally did it! I was scared!!
  2. I can't imagine that it tasted good Chili .... You are a very brave and shall I say silly man ..... LOL....... it's in a nice way cause I stil wov me bratha. He he
  3. You are nuts my brother
  4. Ghost Chili? Brave? hmm maybe i'll try it .. i've heard of old time "Mikey will eat anything" . :D guess i'll find out ..

    what is it anyway?
  5. O MY G That was good n HOT!! 4 sure! I didn't think I would ever git the guts to do this. Weeeeeel it was time!! Enjoy your Helper burnin up! Jesus wasn't messin round when HE made these chilis'
    God Bless you guys!!!!!!!!!!! Amen

    Chili out................4 the count! Heheheheh
  6. Nope it DOES taste fruity n sweet like pares n apples then the heat kicks in fast and escalates to burn zone unknown to mankind!! BAMMM!!!!!!!!!!! Better off to sit down next to a tree n melt like a man! TY Lord 4 the chilies'
    from your bounty Amen
  7. Better you than me ..... Ha ha . Your name ain't Chili for nothing .... Now we know for sure ... You are a real serious chili man ..... LOL
  8. Oooooooooooo let me tell y'all, there's nothing in the whole wide world like a genuine GC pepper..yes, like Matt says, they are honestly sweet with a very nice fruity taste..then all of a sudden, the heat kicks in and takes your breathe away and horse tears begin streaming down your face..but to experience the taste, they are truly worth all the pain ..I love them but I can only eat a sliver at a time.

    I have some coming in and should be ready sometime either in November or December..hurry up GC!!!
  9. You're crazy Chili! Crazy!

    Where is yer jug-o-milk?
  10. Milk makes it worse.
  11. Nope! The milk has properties that counteract the capsaisin in the pepper. That's the part that hurts you.

    I accidentally got pepper juice in my eyes once, and was told by my sister, a nurse that milk would stop the did!

    But you look pretty silly splashing milk in your eyes!
  12. Greetings Chili Man and all... definetly he should have had some milk on hand to ease the pain... it does, and actually officially it should be "coconut milk" I am told by friends in the know, so hmmmm. Perhaps the next time he will be more prepared and prudent, this was really a spur of the moment decision I think :smiley10:
  13. I was milkless!! I had 1 sip o beer and that was it. The fire stopped after bout 30 minutes :)
    The next 1 will bea fresh chili. This 1 was dried but still just as hot, just not meaty like a fresh 1
  14. Do it Mikeyyyy! You can do it my brother..YOU CAN do it. I got faith in ya. Time to MAN UP my brother from another mother. Hehehehehe
    Chili out
  15. You're crazy man . and that's what i love about you . now all i need is a circumstance where God puts "Ghost Chili" within my reach .. :D

  16. Nah !!!! Us Canadians have weak stomachs .... Don't do it Mikey . You will be sorry . Anyways I doubt you can find those chilis here.
  17. Oh God will make a way . and i have been told by people that i am "brave" . and that makes me chuckle . so if i get the chance .. i'll probly go for it .
  18. Don't call me when you're suffering ..... LOL
  19. But Dusty, that's what prayer warriors are for ;)
  20. He he .... I know but sometimes when people exhibit , shall I say craziness , should we pray for them ? LOL .... Just being silly tonight . come on people lighten up . We need some funnyness .

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