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  1. Bo - kind of like being called to the Boss's office and wondering which bad thing I'm going to get into trouble for this time...?:D

    I was doing some research on the internet this moring...and lo and behold! Whoooosh!

    An ad for this movie magically appeared out of nowhere! It didn't just appear, it sparkled into glorious existence!

    Of course, I quickly closed it. Then, in the upper corner, the web-page folded down as if it wanted me to turn the page..."The Golden Compass" it said in that fold.

    Yeeeeesh. It's one thing to write a story as blasphemous as this, but then to shove it down my throat at the same time?

    No thanks...:(
  2. Amen to this topic.

    Admittedly I read the book by pullman when I was about 13 or 14 but didn't really understand the "theological" parts.
  3. Ive heard that the kids in the book trilogy end up killing a false God, while the real God lives. Cant confirm that though.
  4. I am wondering! The movie 'The Golden Compass" is feared because of the writer's religious belief/lack of belief (and other publications), and because of the story.
    Is this close to the same fear so many had when "Harry Potter" first came out? I believe the fear was children would see "Witches" and want to become one. (All FICTION MOVIES)

    Why can't we teach and show our children right from wrong, at an early age, and stop sheltering them?

    If seeing "The Golden Compass" movie itself is thought to be against one's Religious Belief then by all means do not see it.

    I had a professor who's statement to a fellow student's argument may apply here.
    "If Your Faith is Not Strong Enough to Guide You Through Everyday Fears Maybe it is Time to Re-evaluate Your Faith."

    I am just asking here I do not care to see this movie because I think it is dumb.
  5. My kids don't watch harry pooter either.
  6. Sorry, this was just a question, not a judgement call.
  7. Most movies/tv shows these days do nothing but fill our heads with garbage, if you think about it.
  8. Everyone, also be aware of the game based on the movie! Do not support SEGA in their aiding of brinign kids to the devil! Boycott them until they remove this product from the shelves! Game site: Also, here are threads about it on SEGA's offical message boards, where an atheist trying to tell kids it's ok to hate God! I suggest we register and try to stop him before it's too late: *WARNING* mild language Main forum:
  9. But ofcourse all the games in which you kill, main, and slaughter are all ok, and we should only boycott this one game. Do any of these other games promote God? And i guess the same question can be asked of all the movies that come out these days. We have no problem with all the movies with senseless murder, fornication, cursing, blasphemy, etc. Seems hypocritical to me that only certain movies get blasted.
  10. I think Harry Potter is OK, 'coz JKR is a Christian, although the life after death bit in the last book (hope I haven't spoiled it for anyone) may be misleading to some.

    Actually I think we do...
  11. This isn't the same as HP at all. Harry Potter isn't trying in any way to promote or destroy anyone's beliefs. You can make an argument about witchcraft, but there is nothing there designed to "trick" anyone.

    If everything I've read about "The Golden Compass" is true, then it's offensive because it's DESIGNED to mislead people. It appears to me that based on what I've read about the series, that the writer had a hidden agenda that comes out in the final book...after kids are already hooked on the series. To me, this means that the writer is taking the choice away from the parents on how they want their children raised. Personally, I plan on checking them out at one point or another because I want to know what they really say. Sadly, I was only slightly interested in the movie before, and had little or no interest in the books prior to reading about this.

    This is just like some of the questionable missionary tactics that I've heard about from Korea, where the missionaries will teach kids how to denounce Islam and pray to the Christian God, in a language the kids do not even understand. I don't think that ANY truth comes from deceit, and "tricking" kids into Christianity is no better than tricking them into atheism.

    Um...she's never said that, and went WAY out of her way to retroactively make Dumbledore gay and essentially separate herself from any religious affiliation.

    ...oh, and I really hated that "scene". It was lame from almost any angle I look at it.
  12. I heard it was a terribly expensive production and is doing only fair at best at the box office. Perhaps enough Christians got the message and chose not to go. Hollywood will only get the message when they get hit were it hurts- at the alter of their god- their wallet.
  13. I meant moreso in the sense that theres no big public outcry, such as in cases like this.
  14. I wonder why there isn't an outcry...?

    Does this mean we're outnumbered now?:(

    The movie's #1 at the box office for this weekend.

    Personally, I can't get into any of these fantasy movies. Potter, Narnia, whatever. Two computer-generated armies charging each other over an open field is getting to be too cliche for me now.:(

    But based on what I've learned about Compass, I'll never watch it. I'm not a big Kidman fan anyways.
  15. Snopes confirms everything that was posted so far (unless I missed a subtle point), and adds :

    Kinda says it all there now, doesn't it.
  16. Most new movies debut at #1 but the box office was 11 million ,about 1/3rd what was expected.

    Do not make the mistake of thinking I am attempting to defend J. K. Rowling, I am just puzzled as to how you became afixed to that idea.


    Back on topic, I urge others to aid truechristian, myself and many others in our protest against Sega's release of the game.
  18. My bad. I honestly remember it being said the opposite. Not meaning that she was a satan-worshiper, but that she denied any religion openly. Still, I think the rest of my point is valid. HP=/=tGC


    Protesting video games...The last time a video game based on a movie was actually GOOD...I think Ronald Reagan was still in office. Though, I guess it's meaningful to stand counted against evil agendas.
  19. I know! :eek:

    I remember back when I was still young enough to play video games without getting odd looks...

    We had a little plumber in a red jumpsuit trying to save his woman from a big monkey. We had a pizza-with-a-slice-missing eating dots while being chased by ghosts.

    Nowadays, someone or something has to be killed violently for a game to be successful. Or you have to steal a car.:eek:
  20. Some reviews on GC's performance:

    New Line’s The Golden Compass, which has a reported budget of $200M+, has staggered out of the starting gate with an opening day of $9M or so, and it will likely muster only an estimated $27M for the weekend. In the realm of big budget, family-oriented family films, The Golden Compass opening is absolutely anemic.

    Lord, have mercy! With just $26.1 million in its opening frame, "The Golden Compass," an epic fantasy about a young girl's quest to save her father, was smote by the big hand of viewer apathy — or at least its Catholic finger. On MTV and elsewhere, some Christians promised a boycott of the film for its supposed anti-religious stance. Though their direct impact is uncertain, the haul for Chris Weitz's visionary film is a dismally low figure — by comparison "The Chronicles of Narnia" made $65.5 million two years ago — and almost certainly means no sequel for the proposed trilogy. (There are two more books in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series.)

    The $ 180-million fantasy epic movie, “The Golden Compass,” based on the first volume of the award-winning trilogy "His Dark Materials" by militant atheist Philip Pullman raked in disappointing box office revenues over its first weekend.

    The Golden Compass" proved a mild fantasy at the box office, pulling in $26.1 million, a modest opening weekend compared to such recent December heavyweights as "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" flicks.

    This movie has the potential of loosing alot of money for it's anti-christ promoters. I shed no tears.

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