The Golden Compass

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  1. The Golden Compass

    Everyone with kids and/or grandkids needs to be aware of this one.

    The Golden Compass
    Please check out the link. It is scary stuff.
    You may already know about this, but I just learned about a kids movie coming out in December starring Nicole Kidman. It's called The Golden Compass, and while it will be a watered down version, it is based on a series of children's books about killing God (It is the anti-Narnia). Please follow this link, and then pass it on. From what I understand, the hope is to get a lot of kids to see the movie - which won't seem too bad - and then get the parents to buy the books for their kids for Christmas. The quotes from the author sum it all up. I'm going to tell everyone about this movie.

  2. Thank you, Tom, this is very good to know!
    How awful!

  3. I've forwarded this to everybody in my addressbook...

    Thank you so much for preventing a huge mistake on my part.

    God bless you.
  4. I too have forwarded this info to all I know and asked them to do the same. No one should support such garbage!
  5. You all can check out "The Seeker: The Dark is Rising" instead this winter. It's another fantasy movie, (and the first of a trilogy) but this time, the Light is actually portrayed as something good, and the boy in the movie fights against the forces of darkness. It's made by the same studio that filmed the Chronicles of Narnia. I've done a review/comparison of the two movies on my blog, see

    A Tale of Two Movies (part one) (part two)

  6. the two main book Concepts comes down to this:
    A) Deicide
    B) Defeat of The Christian God.

    honestly, the idea of killing a god is cool, and an interesting concept, just killing THE God, is what turns me away from this book/movie/possibly Game
  7. I'm starting to see the previews for it on television. We don't watch much of it so if I'm seeing them for the short time it's on I can only imagine how heavily it is being promoted.

    Now it's taking over the homepage of myspace. I know myspace isn't exactly the best website but I do use it to communicate to family and friends who live far away. I share photos of my kids their and even blog my opinions sometimes. Now I'm not sure if I should remove myself from the website or stay. Part of me thinks I should stay and start blogging and sharing my experiences and faith with others, and that if I leave then it would be like running from adversity. The other part of me says I shouldn't have anything to do with a company/website that receives funding from a movie that is based on killing God. HELP!:confused:
  8. Stay on there and be a light.

    Let's not forget to pray for this guy Pullman who wrote these books from which this movie comes. He just asked for it! Imagine if 20 million Christians started praying for him! He might become the next Saul of Tarsus! Otherwise, we know what it says about causing little ones to stumble...

    As for the "Death of God?" Psalm 2:1-4 "He that sits in heaven laughs" ;)
  9. :goodpost:

    I'm surprised throughout history how many people have worked very hard to try to prove the Bible wrong...and ended up becoming Christians because after studying the facts, they saw the truth.
  10. YES! We've started praying for him at both of my prayer groups and I'm adding him to the top of my list! When you come to a Christian website and bring up a topic like this and you are reminded to pray for a person like Pullman it makes it very clear that you are truly among Christians! Thank You and GOD Bless You!!

  11. ...saw the first of the previews on this the other night, and I was a little worried.:confused:

    It really, really, really is aimed at children. How many kids out there are going to be begging Mommy and Daddy to take them to see this movie this year? It's disturbing.

    There's going to be video games, trading cards, toys, spin-off books, coloring books. Paper party plates, party napkins, Valentine's cards. Candy.

    Kids' minds are like playdough. Whatever you push into it, that dough is going to dry out later on leaving a permanent impression.

    These kids will get the impression that it's cool to kill God.

    Keep praying, guys! This world is spinning way out of control...:(
  12. I saw an intrview with George Clooney last night. He said he was tired of hearing all that Jesus is always right stuff. This must be Hollywood's attempt at expressing that.
  13. God is still on the throne!

    We should not be surprised at movies like this. There will be even more in the near future.

    All we need to do is to be more active as christians. The missionfields are not thousands of miles away, but right on our doorsteps, in the classrooms, on the playing fields, in our workplaces.

    The world is quickly forgetting God and seeking its own desires, but make no mistake God will not be forgotten. The gift of Jesus Christ will not be wasted on this generation. Satans plans are no match for the awesome power of God and His Church.

    We need to pray and seek Gods will in this generation. We need to be ready to do His will. Amazing things can happen when the Holy Spirit moves.

    Stay strong in faith and be vigilent for oportunities. God is not finished yet!
  14. While I am sadened by this pervasive anti-christ spirit that comes from Hollywood I am never surprised by that God hating crowd.
    They build their lives around earhtly wealth and fame, on the surface they have it all. In truth they are empty and miserable.
  15. What saddens me, is that the world accepts and approves of what they are doing.

    Watch all the awards this movie will collect. The world will praise the movie and put it in the collectors pile.
  16. Sadder still is the way lost sheep equate movies with reality. I cannot count the wisemen who told me they knew just what happened to JFK the next week after a movie came out.
  17. Do people know what it stands for? My friend brought some DVDs by last night and we started to watch them. I was making popcorn and the previews for this movie came on, so I went in and grabbed the remote and pushed NEXT. "Not in my house!" I told my friend.

    He asked me what was up, and I told him. He had no clue.:(
  18. Most would not know what it was about. That would include me if I had not read about it here.
  19. I would not want to be in his shoes on the judgement day.

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