The Girl Who Saved My Life.

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  1. If you want to see the girl who is the instrument of God in saving my life, here she is:

    She's my granddaughter and I'm so glad that she saved my life.
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  2. She's adorable.
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  3. Thanks. God is great.
  4. How did she save your life? If you don't mind my asking.
  5. I've been calling my wife to notify her about my severely-aching stomach, but she slept soundly because of the stormy weather and cold climate that night. Incidentally, my granddaughter woke up and asked for a bottle of milk. That caused my wife to wake up and alarmed the other guys at home to bring me to the hospital immediately.
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  6. If there was a delay in bringing me to the hospital, the appendix would burst out causing my death.
  7. That's cool man, but I would say God saved your life by working through her :)
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  8. That's right; she was only used as an instrument.
  9. Kids, grandkids are gifts from the Lord. What a blessing to have, and they are forever with us, with joy unspeakable as we see ourselves in them. I am sure the Lord God see's himself in us so we might know and understand how much he loves us as we love our children in the same way. I am having a granddaughter in December, and two granddaughters in January. I can't wait to see their faces, and wrap my arms around them. :)
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  10. Advanced congratulations to you!
  11. Aw. Congrats when they're born.
  12. That was amazing. To God be the praise

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