THE Game

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  1. THE Game

    If you don't want to play, stop reading here, 'cause if you do, you're stuck playing it 'till you die. O_O

    OK, here's how it goes. You cannot win the game. You can only loose the game. When you remember you are playing the game, or think about the game, you must say, "I lost the game," out loud. You then have 30 minutes to forget about the game. The goal of the game is to get everyone on the world to play the game.
  2. :confused::confused:

    Are you nuts?:D
  3. Padelford.... U'v been eatting too much Raison Bran again haven't-ya?????!!!!!!:p:p:D:D:p:p
  4. Padelford.....:king: love ya, we love ya.....
    ...where did it go?:blink:
  5. I dont understand a word of what you said, But anyway, I lost the game.
  6. This is like an anti-chain letter of some sort?

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