the future

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  1. the future

    Jesus says we will recieve the future from the holy ghost,has anyone got anything they would like to share.:)
  2. Oh yea…
    The future’s so bright… I gotta wear shades. :cool:
  3. I wear my sunglasses at night. :cool:
  4. i will give you some future,freedom will be extinguished.:eek:
  5. I will give you some future. JESUS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i find this forum very good,people have everything else to preach.but i never see any future in all there posts.
  7. did you see the twin towers fall ,you have to evaluate the reasons behind the attack spiritually.
  8. SC, can you explain that a little better, these two posts, or at least one. You lost me at like the fifth word. :eek:
  9. sorry m8 maybe this makes it clearer.:)
  10. I see the Lords right foot in the sea and his the left foot on the land and the earth transformed into one light with no sun or sea.

  11. God has told us in His word ALL future; all present and even all events that have passed. Prophecy; all we have to do is read and pray for understanding. I read and understand His word to say "the righteous will suffer persecution" and the time is drawing nearer every day.

    Yes, Christ Jesus is Lord and will conquer and reign when He gloriously returns but until then...

    I believe that our lives are to emulate His; He is the Good Shepherd and laid down His life for His sheep (us). He was led like a sheep unto slaughter and spoke not of word of his own defense. He was wounded for our trangressions, bruised for our iniquities; He took our sins upon Him and yielded His Spirit to Father God on the cross...He walked in mercy and healing and love and compassion; He spoke the truth in love for those to repent and be saved from the coming wrath of God. Obedient to God, obedient to the cross and death. We are to be like Him and if we truly follow Him we are being conformed to His image daily.
  12. i tottally agree.:)

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