the future of work

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  1. WITHIN the next decade, nine out of 10 of your fellow employees may well be gone.

    Instead, their functions will be carried out by an “on-demand” roster of 10 times their number — permanent freelancers in long-term, flexible arrangements, paid per project in teams corralled by HR managers more akin to Hollywood casting agents.
    That’s the view of leading expert Tammy Erickson, Executive Fellow of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School, who specialises in generational change in the workplace.
    Speaking at the World Business Forum in Sydney on Wednesday, Ms Erickson said new technologies, changing demographics and the move to “knowledge work” would soon lead to an overhaul of workplace arrangements on par with the shift from craft-based industries to mass production lines during the industrial revolution.

    In other words casual jobs.
    that's if robots don't replace you.
  2. There will always be jobs they will just change.

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