The fruit of the lips

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  1. The fruit of the lips

    The fruit of the lips of a wise man is filled with good things,
    You can be sure God has lifted him up on eagle wings,
    The tongue of the wise bring healing,
    You will know this by the feeling.

    A wise man of understanding will hold his tongue,
    He will do this before all is said and done,
    The Lord delights in those who are not in blame,
    Let us rejoice for our tongue we tame.

    He who seeks good, finds good will,
    He who gives freely, yet gains even more,
    A generous man will prosper,
    God's word says all this and you will be blessed for sure.

    Of God's word there is so much to learn,
    The house of the righteous will stand firm,
    Truthful lips endure for ever,
    The plans of the righteous are just,
    For it is God we follow and it is a must.
    ramon 8/10/07

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  2. very beautiful!

    this seems to be one of the hardest things for a christian to do..
  3. This is a beautiful poem.

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful poems with us.

  4. Yes NEW2CHRIST I would take out the nails but on my knees.

    thank you Godbe4me as you know what I write is from my heart and with tears of joy in my eyes.

    "The Lord is my Sheperd"
  5. Thank you so very much Godbe4me, well I 'm not sure very much anymore in what I can do on this site with my poems, read my answer in thoughts.
    God bless you
    but I will continue to write here though.

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