The Forum Is Looking Healthy!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KingJ, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Since I joined this site we have averaged 10 good members (excl mods) VS 10-20 heretics.

    Now it seems we have 20 good members (Mitspa and Where incl) VS 2 heretics.

    If an atheist comes here, he is loved, but has a hard time :giggle:.

    Good job mods! Good job members!
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  2. I guess members do more good compared to mods :D We make the life of mods easy on many occasions!
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  3. Members certainly talk more but I think mods do more reading.
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  4. There has been such major housekeeping done since last night. Thank you mods
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  5. That's why I have to keep changing the prescription on my glasses. :D
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  6. If I'm one of the heretics, please tell me who the other one is, because I'm a little lonely.
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  7. I'm happy with the site as well... you know, other than the two heretics. Who were those again?
  8. I've been called a heretic on this forum. It seems like the term is used liberaly here.
  9. Great post KingJ that's nice to hear. Despite some instances I've seen, this forum is undoubtedly the best I've been on so far. I've been called or should I say attacked with you are an anti-Christ, son of satan and a shepherd leading his flock astray on some forums, all for mentioning God's Grace is sufficient or God will forgive any sin. It doesn't take much to spark the heavies off! Great forum here, really enjoying it during this time in our lives. My babies are sleeping, my wife is relaxing and I'm here with you guys!
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  10. 1.)I used to think people were saying "hairy tick" :)

    2.)Loneliness is having no one to argue with; you're one of the least lonely people here! :)

    3.)I love it when people are willing to stick it out in a group of people that are very different. Sometimes there is a lot of wisdom to be found when exploring contrasting views.
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  11. But certainly not BY liberals...
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  12. Between the
    Hairy Ticks
    Black Spiders
    Fleas (that no one is pursuing)
    Fairy Seas and the
    Sad You Seas
    Perhaps we're going to survive.

    However, sometimes, I question if I will survive.
  13. I am so pleased to know that I have been part of this latest influx of members that have contributed to this wonderful site and have made it a better place. God bless.

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