the flood

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  1. the flood

    i have ALOT of questions about the bible (like everyone here im sure) and i know the majority of them will have to wait untill i am through the gates of heaven but this is one that has been bothering me for a while (its LONG lol)

    the bigest one is about the dinosaurs (no pun intended lol), it is a common belief that a big meteor struck the earth wich resulted in a huge dust clowed wich killed EVERY THING. now i see several problems with this theory the bigest one being if it killed every thing why are we here? why is there any sort of life left on earth? secondly somthing like that wouldnt have killed absolutly every thing some animals would have survived (ok that may explane why we are here BUT alot of people and in school i was taught that EVERY THING died). the last problem i have with this is it would have taken along time for every thing to die (wich is why some things could have survived such as scavengers and bugs and all that good stuff) but to me when people talk of this theory every thing dies right away.

    ok now here is where the flood and Noahs Ark come in. to me this is the only logical, probible and possible way for the dinosaur to have died off yet so manny things (and some "dinosaurs" such as aligators, crocodiles, giant sea turtles etc are still alive). now i personally dont think the entier earth was flooded though alot of it would have been. the only reason i think that is because look at countries like Australia where that is the only pace where some animals live such as the duck billed platipus, koala, tamanian devil, kangaroos and all those crazy animals. another reason i dont think the entier earth was flooded is because it would be physically impossible to fit two of EVERY land animal on the ark so that tells me that there had to be some dry land out there some where or we wouldnt even have animals like crocodiles and aligatos. i also think that it is entierly possible that all of the continents were conected at one point in time (except for maybe australia because of all their crazy animals that you cant find any where else...) and only became seperated (in the case of north and south america) when the earth was flooded.

    now i guess this is more my oppinion but i want to hear what all of you have to say in regaurds to this. (though this did answer the question as to why i dont sleep at night lol, itis because i am up all night thinking of stuff like this :D Praise be to God :D ):fish:
  2. Good day Chris
    We know one thing the flood happened because Jesus was born and endorsed the first testament. That’s good enough for me, that’s why I don't question the how’s anymore. But I used to be the philosopher of philosophers if you know what I mean.
    I agree we will not know these things until we are in heaven.
  3. Who said it killed everything? There are several mass extinctions that appear by the most current accepted method of reading the layers. The assumed episode that killed the dinosaurs is said to have killed off about 85+% of all species on the earth but not everything. Even according to this idea the subset of dinosaurs survived this period.

    Dinosaurs are classified into a larger group called Archosauria mainly by morphology. You are correct to place crododilians in this group however giant sea turtles do not fit. Birds, however, are other archosaurs that are stil alive today and share the most similarities to the larger dinosaurs then anything else we have today.

    The flood could have just taken place throughout the entire known world at the time. Lower europe, middle east, upper africa was really all that was thought of then. If there was a good to talk about this whole area I wouldn't think it impossible that throughout a few generations that wording would have just changed to the world since it was the only parts people considered. However there were large flood stories in asia and I believe south america as well so I wouldnt rule out the possibility of it actually being world wide just from that. I am not a believer in the literal interpretation of the flood but the meaning of the story is clear regardless. Even if it is not literal history everything in the story is meaningful to our lives and the truth about what happened in some sense, a way that gives an eternal understanding to anyone no matter what culture they come from and no matter what believes or knowledge they have before it.

    Currently we are experiencing the Sixth Extinction which seems to be the largest since either the dinosaur-killing meteor idea or the great flood (whichever actually happened... probably more ideas out there on this). Which could mean a lot of things...

  4. The Bible is quite clear the flood killed all that was not on the ark..

    Gen 6:7 (NIV) So the LORD said, "I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth--men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air--for I am grieved that I have made them."
    Gen 6:17 (NIV) I am going to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish.

    So now that one is dealt with we go onto what was actually on the ark

    Bring a pair of every kind of animal—a male and a female—into the boat with you to keep them alive during the flood. Pairs of every kind of bird, and every kind of animal, and every kind of small animal that scurries along the ground, will come to you to be kept alive. And be sure to take on board enough food for your family and for all the animals. So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him. (Gen. 6:19-22, NLT)

    So it was a pair of everything + their food requirements.

    Remeber fish and dolpins and sharks etc do not breath air so would not be affected by the flood so no mamals or sea creatures were on board.
  5. God said 2 of every KIND, thats not every kind of specie of every different animal.
  6. Actually the bible says that they took seven of each kind of the clean animals and two of every kind of the unclean animals.

    Why? Obviously they needed food during and after the flood.

    Jesus confirmed the flood in context with Gods final judgment. For people to believe that the flood never happened or that it was not a complete judgement on the earth imply that Jesus was not telling the truth or He was exagerating.

    God destroyed the earth before with water and He will do it again with Fire, not partially but completely.

    If the flood was only partial or only in a specific region then Gods judgement was incomplete and some evil people got off scott free. This would make God unjust and biased.

    The problem today in the church is that many pastors etc have not actually come to terms with the flood and cannot answer their peoples questions regarding the flood, largely due to the onslaught of evolution theory. So they try and mix religion with science theory (fiction) and they make a terrible compromise and right the story of the flood off as a myth or a good moral story. What they do not realise is that they immediately open the door of doubt on the accuracy of the bible and wash down the importance of Gods second coming judgement on the earth.

    Sad but true!
  7. the rainbow is the sign,not to flood the earth again.good to see the rainbow isn,t extinct yet,lol.:)
  8. First I would like to say that this is my opinion and I am not interested in arguing with naysayers or non believers in the Word of God. That being said the geological column exists in very few areas of the world. Who says the dino's all died out? It is a scientific fact that reptiles will grow as long as they live. In a more favourable enviourment they would have lived longer and grown to enourmous size. And personally I do think they dorwned in the flood.

    Many ancienct civilizations depict a flood in their history. The Chinese language is one of the oldest known scripts.

    When the Chinese decided to put their language into writing, they used picture writing as did the other earliest writing civilizations. But, in the case of the Chinese, their word structure was conducive to telling stories! They would devise one word, another, and then a third; then put the three words together to make a fourth. Those three words equaling that fourth told a story, and it can be read today in the Chinese language.
    An outstanding book dealing with this topic is: C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson, The Discovery of Genesis: How the Truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language (1979), Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis.
    For example, eight mouths (eight people) inside a container—is the Chinese name for boat. The word for empty is made up in this way: eight people under one roof equals a cave. The words, cave and work, together produces the word, empty. This would indicate that when Noah and his family left the Ark, they at first moved into a cave for shelter. Leaving the cave, day after day, and after a sizeable amount of work, they finally emptied the Ark of all that they wanted from it. They later told and retold their experiences to their descendants of several generations.
  9. I agree with Techie , cause if the Bible says all the earth .... that's what it means and at that time the earth was not divided into continents untill after the flood .
    It says in Genesis 7: 19-20 .....All the mountains were covered. The tops of the mountains were at least 20 feet beneath the water's surface .

    The most awesome part is the waters remained at this mountain - covering height for five months..... Genesis 7: 18-24 ,; 8: 1-5.

    Humans populated the entire world . After more than 1600 years of habitation on earth , the planet's population was large . The Bible confirms the man had multiplied upon the face of the earth ....Genesis 6: 1 and violence and corruption filled the earth Genesis 6:11-12

    All humans were killed . The Bible clearly teaches that all flesh dies , every person.....Genesis 7: 21 . Genesis 9:1 confirms that only Noah's family was saved and that every person living today is decended from his family .

    All air- breathing land . The world's population of air- breathing , land animals died , except those taken into the ark Genesis 7: 21 .

    If only those animals in a specific geograhical location died , it would seem unnecessary for God to protect pairs in the ark for the purpose of preventing their extinction.

    The Bible is clear that all the air- breathing , land animals perished during the flood , except those preserved with Noah - from which all modern animals are decended.
  10. Chris, the earth was one land before the flood. during the flood it separated

    Chris this will answer many many of your questions, please take a look at this website, I seriously love the compilation of scientific facts in this website using the Bible :)
    Eternal Productions - 101 Scientific Facts and Foreknowledge

    everyone please read it also, I promise you will find it very interesting :D! ( if you don't then aww :()
  11. you should also study the pre-flood world Chris :).
    Dinosaurs were on earth with man and walked with man. There is no millions and billions of years. This huge number of years was added (by humans, not God) to satisfy the theories. Anything can be made plausible when you include billions of years.
  12. Don't forget that mountains also weren't as high as they are now!! before the flood the mountains were much shorter!

  13. God's rainbow promise .... God promised never again to send a global flood ....Genesis 8: 21; 9:8-17...

    This promise is demonstrated by the symbol of the rainbow, a sign for God's promise to all the earth .

    The rainbow is a sign to every living creature , mankind and animals .

    If this promise was not made to all creatures on the earth , then God has broken His promise .

    Local floods have repeatedly killed hundreds and even thousands of humans and animals since Noah's time.
  14. Did you ever wonder how Noah could have fit all those animals in the ark ? I have .

    The ark did not need to carry every kind of animal, nor did God command it . It carried only air- breathing , land dwelling animals, creeping things , and winged animals such as birds. Aquatic life ( fish , whales , etc) and many amphibious creatures could have survied in sufficient numbers outside the ark .

    This cuts down significantly the total number of animals that needed to be on board.

    Another factor which greatly reduces the space requirements is the fact that the tremendous variety in species we see today did not exist in the days of Noah.

    Only parent " kinds" of these species were required to be on board in order to repopulate the earth.
  15. great information Dusty :D I never doubted that Noah fit all animals lol! but then again I never thought that Noah had a whale inside lol :D that would've been funny, poor whale :(
    they're so huge at full size.
  16. No , Rams .... I never did either and I guess from a child I always accepted that it was so but on studying it and questions started coming in my mind , I thought yah , how did all those animals fit in there .?

    It goes to show you what a big God we serve who orchestrated everything right down to the creepy crawly animals .

    It just bogles my mind.

    Every time we read the Bible we find new and exciting things.
  17. The Lord said two of each kind which could be a generality and not two of every sub species.
    And many of them could have been young. There was certainly no need for an ocean dwelling creatures to stay out of the water either. If God commands it He supplies it and makes the way. Either by natural or supernatural means He will accomplish His will.

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