The Firebird

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  1. The Firebird

    I am listening to Stravinsky's Firebird Suite, and kind of wanted to write a poem about it:

    Firebird rising from the ashes
    Wings of red, eyes of gray smoke
    Tail of yellow, orange, and fire
    The feathers gleaming.

    Stretching a neck long and slender as a swan
    Flapping wings that burst in red
    You screech to the sky, preparing for flight.

    Wait a minute, decide and then...
    You sweep down from your perch,
    Flying over the land you call home.

    You are immortal, never dieing, everlasting
    You grant those who find you whatever they wish
    You bring back life to that which is dead.

    You are the Phoenix, the Firebird,
    And you shall live on forever.

    Copyright (C) NearertoGod
  2. Beautiful sister, just beautiful......You have been blessed with the gift to "write" I enjoy all your writings. Don't stop dear, keep writing.
  3. Perhaps someone has given you some bad legal advise.

    This may save you some money in the future...

    You do not need to apply or register to have a copyright; you receive copyright protection when you create the work. The instant you use your pencil, typewriter or computer to produce something original it is subject to copyright protection provided it is a copyrightable subject matter. However, registering your work with the Copyright Office expands your protections and sometimes can be done without disclosing the entire work. Depositing a copy of your work with the U. S. Copyright Office within 90 days of creation also protects your work by providing a legal record of the creation date and allowing others to have notice of your ownership rights.

    SOURCE: Copyright protection - what is required?

    This information may be helpful to many of our members. I pray that it is. :)
  4. Thank you very much:)
  5. Also,
    NTG, (Or whomever else finds this useful)
    If you hit Ctrl+Alt+C
    You will create the copyright symbol in Word. (Or just about any other word processing program)

    If you want to make it here on CFS. This software will respond to the 0169 command.

    Just hold down your "ALT" key, and while holding it down, type...0169 on the number pad.

    RESULT: ©

    Not that you need to, because the time and date stamp of your post also serve to protect you, but this process does look a little more "professional", and that is always a nice thing. :)

    One more thing, I am an avid Pontiac Firebird, "Trans-Am" fan.
    I think your poem is spectacular!
  6. Awesome writing very talented you are.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Blessings, Cheri:)
  7. I loved your poem sis totally awesome you rock, tee hee.
  8. Thank you, everyone.

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