The Father's Intension

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  1. To look at God like someone may predict the weather is foolishness. To try to pin God down based on the finite knowledge we have is foolishness. But the study of Gods word will in time bring the believer to some understanding of what God is doing. His knowledge is so far above and beyond our understanding that reading the same passage in the Scriptures will grow and take on new meaning from time to time.

    Humans think they can read God's word once a know it all. In my life I have seen greater understanding come to me from time to time as I have entered a new walk in the Spirit, or when I went through a new experience, or when there were great changes in my life brought by the C & S ( circumstances and situations) gang. This happens because the father is always bringing me into his ultimate intention for my life for his eternal plan. You see: there are two guidelines given to every ongoing believer.

    1) You were chosen to be in Christ, Eph 1:4. You were not chosen just to be saved. You were not chosen just to go to heaven. You were not chosen to be Christian over another religion. You were chosen to be in Christ. The wisdom of the father clearly shows in this fact. God knew that humans could never be what he needed them to be within themselves.

    Just as Lucifer failed even while living in the Fathers house and living in His presence, God knew He could not trust His creations remaining as free moral agents to ever be what He needed in a family. So He placed, baptized and completely immersed the believing sinner instantly the moment he believed, into Christ, Romans 6:3.

    The Fathers intension in this is to make sure that every child He produces will have His nature in him. He knows that created beings, even in His image and likeness, can miserably fail Him, just as Lucifer did. But there was one who never failed Him, Christ his Son. Now when a sinner believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father places His seed, Christ, in him/her and never has to worry about who he/she is or where he/she is headed in life. This was His ultimate intention and it works and is working every moment after a believer is rebirthed.

    2) The second guideline the father used was Christ death on the cross. Through Christ work on the cross He had the power to change humans and make them what he wanted them to be. He could just say the word or point his finger and get what he wanted but this could have not have been done without their being in Christ.

    So to change humanity to fit his plan, all sinners were placed in Christ at Gethsemane by the cup He drank therefore all were crucified with Him, died with Him, buried with Him, were resurrected with Him and were ascended with him to heavenly places. he worked out His intention for His family perfectly.
  2. There are a number of things that need to be clarified in your post.
    The first is that God does not change . He is the same yesterday today and forever . What he was he is and what he is he shall ever be.
    If then given the same situation in the past he did a certain thing. Then given the same situation he will do the same today.
    The children of Israel were given" for our ensample" That we may not only learn form their failures and successes but may also learn from what God has revealed of Himself to MAN (not humans) We are either MAN kind or people .
    In that regard then you can predict or in a sense prophecy what God will do in the present or future .
    The Assyrians were raised up to be the "scourge of Israel" AND the gentiles . For their hypocracy and idolitory .
    So Islam has been raised up to be the scourge of the gentiles , For Assyria was the womb of Islam as the UK was the womb from which sprung the USA .
    The end of the gentiles is at hand.
    and we should take note of that fact that it is passing away .
    The sin of Sodom was in fact the abundance of leisure and bread which LED to that other sin . The idea that God has some how changed in his attitude and perception to that matter is absurd. and judgment sooner or later will come.
    The question is will the ' Lots' living within the city get out in time?
    While Gods thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways not our ways .
    Then His Words which are expressions of thought must therefore be of a higher order of expression that normal or local idiom.
    Why then men insist in bringing the Word of God down to mans level of thinking and expression is beyond me and as they add to it and omit from scripture when they do . Then Gods promise as to what will and does happen to those who do so is as certain as the rising of the sun . Unless they repent .
    The Bible is a perfect revelation of God.
    Yet it does not contain all .For as Jesus said "the word is the seed"
    A seed has this property . It is not the fruit from which it sprang nor the tree from which it came . But it has every thing that is needed and nothign that is not needed to reproduce the fruit after its own kind.
    and as such it is enough not only "to know the ACTS of God " but also to learn His WAYS". It is written that "the children of Israel knew his acts but Moses knew his ways"
    Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life " Moses knew the Lord.
    In truth is it not written "God in sundry times and in divers ways spoke by the prophets hath in these last days spoken to us by His Son" and did not the Lord Himself "starting at Moses........................" began to teach them of all the scriptures pertaining to himself ?
    The Bible then though of a higher logic and reasoning than mans . is not of an order that the logic of it cannot be followed if willign to be led nor unreasonable that it cannot be accepted.
    The great curse today is that men subject the scriptures to THIER logic and reasoning and so change the scriptures to suit them. and of course the world .
    Your right in thinking some people think that if they can memmorise scripture or with others know the original langauge or have the original texts then they know the scriptures or know it all.
    But as i said before the Word of God the scriptures are a SEED .
    and as it was the Holy Spirit that was needed to inspire men to so write the scrriptures. Then the Holy Spirit is as much needed to understand what is written.
    and just because you knwo Greek Hebrew or English does not always mean you understand what is written.
    Saul of Tarsus did not . Nor those who handed the Lord to be put to death.
    While I would also agree the point about being chosen in Christ .
    The idea that man is not a free moral agent nor ever can be is not true .
    God created man a free moral agent.
    and In Christ he is a free moral agent .
    It is outside of Christ that he is not free.
    Many assume or have been led to believe that when God created man he gave him a choice to do either good or evil.
    I would like to ask where that idea came from?
    For I do not find it in the bible.
    What God gave them the liberty to do was to eat from "all the trees in the garden " that were GOOD to eat .
    This also then included the tree of life .
    Thus God gave man the true liberty of a child of God to do any good he thought or found to do . But he gave him no liberty to do evil.
    For of all the trees in the garden you may freely eat ,but of the tree of the knowledge fo good and evil thou shall NOT eat for in the day ye eat thereof ye shall surely die .
    Where then the liberty to do or eat that which was evil?
    In truth when men do evil they become bound and the more evil they do the more in bondage they become and the less choices they will and do have .
    It is then when "the Son shall set you free" you are free in deed . and when you "know the truth the truth shall MAKE you free"
    When men are lost with hope and without Christ in this world they may KNOW what is good to do but in fact do the opposite (Romans?)
    When we are truly BORN again by the Word and the Spirit and "NOW are we the sons of God " then we have the perfect liberty to do any good we find or think to do.
    and are free moral agents .
    When we are born again we do but enter that eternal will of God that he preordained from before the foundations of the world.
    Thus the first Adam was even as it is written "the foreshadow of Him who was to come" The first BORN of a new creation.
    The devil tempted man to believe that he could live independently from God . He still does so .
    For now man has declared to the universe "Man has the right to life" forgetting of course that a mans life is in his nostrils and he can no more live independently of his breath than he can live independently from God .,
    For when it was recorded that "Let us make man in our own image"
    Wrapped up in that great truth is another . "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God"
    What was once an external truth then in Christ becomes an internal truth.
    No sinners are found in Christ .
    and not all sinners will come to be found in Christ ,
    For despite the fact that Jesus said "If the Son of man be lifted up I will draw all men unto me" ALL meaning none are excluded .
    Even as God so loved the WORLD none are excluded .
    The fact remains that as in John 3:16 the promise is to THOSE OUT OF THIS WORLD who will believe "shall not perish but have ever lasting life" Those who do not. by that logic will.
    So also are ALL men drawn to calvary a and the cross .
    "For God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to a knowledge of the truth "
    Not all men will come and as Stephen put it of some "Ye do always resist the Holy ghost"
    To resist the irristable is to bring destruction down upon your own head.
    To deny the undeniable is to bring damnation to your own soul.
    if man was not a free moral agent then he could not justly be damned .
    But someone may say ,did I not say that man is not free if he is not saved?
    Before Christ came into the world ,men had some excuse. But now the light has come and men have no excuse .
    For the condemnation now is not so much that men have sinned (for all have sinned) "But that men love darkness more than the light"
    When Jesus came God gave ALL men the oppertunity to be saved .
    and no power of hell can stop them if they are willing .
    Gods plan then remains the same as it was before the foundations of the world .
    as also to the lamb of God.
    I would not even try to explain it . For on the one hand Paul rightly points out that the Lord was not or did not have to suffer from before the foundation so the world till now .
    But the scriptures record of " a lamb as if slain form before the foundations of the world"
    In this we are aproaching the most Holy place and must out of great respect tread softly .
    But it can be said without fear that God was not caught out by the failure of man or by the wiles of the devil.
    and the salvation of God which is in Christ is not some after thought and knee jerk reaction to the devils wickedness .
    But was predetermined in God before the worlds were framed .
    In truth I would argue that the road to calvary did not start at Bethlehem but with the words "Let there be light"

    in Christ
  3. 'Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God,
    and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools:
    for they consider not that they do evil.
    Be not rash with thy mouth,
    and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God:
    for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth:
    therefore let thy words be few.
    For a dream cometh through the multitude of business;
    and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words.
    When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it;
    for He hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed.
    Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay.
    Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin;
    neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error:
    wherefore should God be angry at thy voice,
    and destroy the work of thine hands?
    For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also divers vanities:
    but fear thou God.'

    (Ecc 5:1-7)
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  4. God never changes, the way He handles humanity or deals with humanity has changed through the ages. Example; The way he handled Adam from the beginning was different from the way he handled Adam after he fell.
    What he told Noah to do was different from what he told Moses to do, those are examples of God handling different peoples at different times. It is not as cut and dried as we want it to be.

    After the Cross Gods ultimate plan of Choosing humanity to be placed in Christ for salvation, Ephesians 1:4, came into effect.
  5. Good preaching, love it!
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